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I Guess The NH Media Want’s New Hampshire to Tax Your Income

HB 628 Its an income tax - butler serving betterIs there a Media editorial blackout on opposition to HB 628, a tax on income disguised as an unnecessary, poorly written “family leave act” entitlement? Opponents of the measure report that while they have submitted letters to the editors of several New Hampshire newspapers they have not seen their remarks find their way into print.

I did find one letter to the editor, dated 1/23/18, Stop the Secret Income Tax. The Union Leader also references the bill like a bit of housekeeping in two other articles on legislative progress. Nothing else of note.

Over at the Concord Monitor, there is a list of articles in support of paid family leave and this bill specifically. I did not see anything published by opponents of the legislation.

SeacoastOnline had nothing of value nor did the Keene Sentinel, and certainly nothing opposing the bill.

And while WMUR has coverage, there’s not much to chew.

To summarize, New Hampshire has legislation on the docket that will tax your income. It would happen automatically unless you opt out. Opting out is a pain in the ass. And once passed the infrastructure will be in place that will make it easier for future legislatures to take more of your payroll dollars for their spending amusements.

On a positive note, yesterday the subcommittee recommended the bill as Inexpedient to Legislate (ITL).

The full committee vote is today or tomorrow and until the bill is ITL’d by them and killed on the floor the income tax lives.

Please contact all the Republicans on the committee and ask them to please support the subcommittee recommendation of Inexpedient to Legislate.

Rep. Barbara Biggie (R)
Hillsborough-23 (Milford)
(603)930-5600 – barbara.biggie@leg.state.nh.us

Rep. Michael Costable (R)
Rockingham-3 (Raymond)
(603)303-5217 – michael.costable@leg.state.nh.us

Rep. Elizabeth Ferreira (R)
Hillsborough-28 (Nashua)
(603)320-8971 – Elizabeth.Ferreira.NH@gmail.com

Rep. Valerie Fraser (R)
Belknap-1 (Center Harbor, New Hampton)
(603)744-0107 – valerie.fraser@leg.state.nh.us

Rep. Bart Fromuth (R)
Hillsborough-7 (Bedford)
(603)203-1379 – bart@voteforbart.com

Rep. John Hunt (R)
Cheshire-11 (Fitzwilliam, Rindge)
(603)899-6000 – jbhunt@prodigy.net

Rep. Jason Osborne (R)
Rockingham-4 (Auburn, Chester, Sandown)
(603)391-2138 – Jason@Osborne4NH.com

Rep. Reed Panasiti (R)
Hillsborough-22 (Amherst)
(603)672-4471 – Reed.Panasiti@leg.state.nh.us

Rep. John Plumer (R)
Belknap-6 (Belmont)
(603)527-3444 – John.Plumer@leg.state.nh.us

Rep. Laurie Sanborn (R)
Hillsborough-41 (Amherst, Bedford)
(603)682-1557 – repsanborn@gmail.com

Rep. Vicki Schwaegler (R)
Grafton-3 (Bath, Benton, Easton, Landaff, Orford, Piermont, Warren)
(603)717-0767 – Victoria.Schwaegler@leg.state.nh.us