Dem Racism: Black Entertainment Maxine Waters vs Primetime Bland White Kennedy - Granite Grok

Dem Racism:
Black Entertainment Maxine Waters vs
Primetime Bland White Kennedy

A Tale of Two SOTU Responses: Dems relegate Maxine Waters to Black Entertainment Television while promoting Bland White Joe Kennedy III for the formal response

Bland White Responder
Bland White Responder
Crazy Black Entertainer
Crazy Black Entertainer

From its founding, the Democrat Party has been the party of slavery and racism, but in a never-ending display of chutzpah and projection, they continually claim it is the GOP who are mean and racist. Here, once more, they show off their true, ahem, colors by relegating crazy ‘Auntie’ Maxine to the back of the Television bus!

Maxine Waters has long been a star turn for the Congressional Democrats – someone who can always be counted upon to oppose Republican policy ideas in the most colorful language, and of late being (in)famous for repeatedly calling for the impeachment of the President. Nonetheless, she is a well-known figure, a national treasure, if you will. On the other hand, Rep Joe Kennedy III (D, MA) is almost unknown on the national stage, being noteworthy only for being white, bland, a Kennedy, and not in trouble with the Law.

So why would the Democrats send Crazy Maxine over to BET and tap an unknown Kennedy (apparently there is such a thing) to deliver the prime-time response to Trump? Could it be ghettoization? Monica Showalter at American Thinker certainly thinks so:

….. But the other likely reason is that Democrats think Waters will embarrass them, given her off-the-wall, slightly addled statements deriding President Trump and her tendency to run her mouth overtime. They figure Waters will cost them with the broad spectrum of voters watching the mainstream press. Worse still, in what could be argued is even more pointed racism, they think that Black voters won’t mind.

Translation: Rather than lose the few remaining Democrat voters in flyover country, Democrats are betting that black voters are so attached to the party that ‘Auntie Maxine’ won’t turn them off. What an INSULT!!