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Will NH all Democrat female contingent protest Willie Singletary like they did Roy Moore?

Willie SingletaryAfter all, at every turn our all Democrat Congressional delegation (e.g., Jeanne “Obamacare” Shaheen, Maggie “The Red” Hassan, Annie “I’m the most Progressive” Kuster, and Carol SEIU-Porter) denounced Republiacn Judge Ray Moore who was running to fill former US Senator and now US Attorney General Jeff Session’s Senate seat from Alabama on the basis of the allegations of sexual harassment.  Frankly, I’m betting that it was mostly because he said he’d really support Trump’s agenda and would be a reliable vote.  But now, we may really find out if the sexual harassment part was primary because now one of their own (a Democrat) is planning on running for Congress from Pennsylvania (emphasis mine):

A former Philadelphia judge named Willie Singletary has been in the public eye for quite a while and unfortunately for him, it’s not all been good. First, he was forced to resign after it was discovered that he sexually harassed a city cashier and sent her pictures of his genitals. He was suspected, and forced to resign after an investigation revealed some unsavory details.

Following that, he was jailed for lying to the FBI during an investigation into whether his office was running a “ticket fixing scheme” that was said to benefit the rich in the community. Despite being cleared of the charges, he was caught in a lie that landed him in prison for 20 months. The traffic court that he presided over was later abolished by voters.

Instead of running away and hiding like any self-respecting human would do, Mr. Singletary, 36, has decided that the best step would be to run for Congress. As a Democrat, of course.

I’m betting that the Congressional Black Caucus would greet him with open arms.  However, what will Shaheen, Hassan, Kuster, and Shea-Porter say?  Will it be silence, a refusal to comment, or a curt “no, he shouldn’t”? I doubt it will be the full throated roar surrounding Moore.  I’ll have to go ask.

I have to say one thing – the guy’s got chutzpah:

“Even though I made some mistakes, I’m not a mistake,” said Singletary in a video announcing his candidacy. “And just like many in our community, we all could use a fresh start.”

(H/T: RightWingNews)