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Meet A Real Journalist (Or Two) This Weekend

Saturday September 9th, Leominster, MA “Buffet Books and Blather” with Robert Stacy McCain, and Pete DaTechGuy

RSM-20170907Who: Award winning journalist, author, and raconteur, Robert Stacy McCain (right), a man who wears out real shoe leather as he hunts down the facts of a story, whether it be following the campaign trail, or uncovering the excesses of Radical Feminism.

What: A lunch buffet, presentation, book signing, and panel discussion on radical feminism and current topics, hosted by Pete DaTechGuy, and the Massachusetts Tea Party. Included with your ticket, a signed copy of “Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War against Human Nature”

Where: Just south of the NH/MA border, at the Tang Dynasty Chinese Restaurant 638 N Main St, Leominster, MA 01453 – easily accessed from MA Rte 2 (exit 31b) or via NH Rte 13, south from Brookline, NH. (And yes, the food is good – 4 **** from Yelp and TripAdvisor.)

When: Saturday, Sept 9th – action commences at noon.

How: Get your tickets here, or at the door.

Grokking it: Your humble scribe will be there, recording, hopefully streaming, and probably participating in the panel. But if you want the signed book, you have to be there, and you get to hang out with real characters in the bar afterwards!

Stacy and Pete relax after infiltrating enemy territory at Harvard – you WILL want to hear about this!


Pete’s account of their travels.
Stacy’s interview with Harvard’s College Republicans