Environmentalists Don't Like [Colored] People More Liberal Racism - Granite Grok

Environmentalists Don’t Like [Colored] People
More Liberal Racism

Ugandans-evicted-for-carbon-credits From a report by CFACT.org on the recent UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, where recommendations on REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) were adopted.

Notice the part about carbon credit plantations, which mostly benefit the sellers of carbon “indulgences”, like Algore, being responsible for the destruction of a whole village full of black people in Uganda. (See picture)

You want “black lives matter”? Don’t ask a liberal for help!

This kind of garbage is why Patrick Moore quit Greenpeace many years ago. He coined the famous line “Environmentalists don’t like people!” (Which would be more properly interpreted as “Leftists don’t like colored people”.)


…..They agreed on a formula for the “REDD+” forest program.

If the UN succeeds in getting its agreement, REDD+ would require the U.S. and its allies to transfer billions of dollars to developing nations to subsidize forestry programs. This means big money for “carbon credit” profiteers. [Like Algore]

REDD+ is particularly troublesome to indigenous and local townspeople who often find their land transferred to the control of government, or Green NGOs, for the purpose of fulfilling these carbon transfer arrangements.

Sometimes violently.

In 2010 armed troops evicted villagers in Uganda’s Mubende District to make way for a carbon credit tree plantation. Their houses were burned. In one tragic instance, an eight-year-old named Mukamperezida was sick in bed and burned to death while his mother was out getting medicine.

Subordinating the rights of locals to the global warming agenda was key to the UN’s ability to reach a REDD+ compromise.

Or read the whole report over at CFACT.org

If CFACT seems partisan, try this report from American Univarsity.