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As a Matter of Fact – We Can Drill Our Way To Cheaper Energy (So Drill baby Drill!)

oil rig - theres another 'resource' we have to tap
US poised to become #1 producer of oil and gas in the US

How many times do we have to say it?  There is just so much our Democrat Friends ‘Believe’ that just isn’t so.   And we can add drilling our way to

lower gas prices to the list.  (I can’t believe we even have to make the case that increasing the supply of anything can and typically does reduce prices.  Basic. Economics.)

Despite all the efforts of Democrats, Progressives, their Green with envy socialist Enviro-wacko-water-carriers to make finding and drilling for domestic energy as expensive and impossible as can be, the US is in the midst of an oil and gas boom; and OMG, gasoline prices are falling.

Barack Obama said it and all the liberal sycophants (plus the media) parroted him.  “You can’t drill your way to lower gas prices.”


Not only have Democrats been making this claim for years, in the run up to the 2012 election they actually called anyone who thought adding supply would lower prices was some kind of insane puppet of the carbon energy producers.

Democrats painted Republicans as wackos for thinking $2.50/gallon gasoline possible. But eighteen months have passed since the President’s misleading pronouncement: the U.S. is now poised to surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the the world’s #1 producer of oil and natural gas. The boom in domestic production continues, with oil production at levels not seen in a generation. Demand is soft, oil inventories are high and there is refinery capacity to spare.


US about to become #1 producer of oil and gas
Oil and Gas Boom! Baby!

I’ve written thousands of words on how opening up domestic carbon-energy production would create hundred of thousands of jobs, pour private money into every sector of the economy, get people off unemployment, welfare, EBT, give them jobs and a purpose, lift up the economy and increase tax revenue to states and the general government–all badly in need of all of the above.

It has, would, and will do all of those things without any bail-outs, hand-outs, no-bid contracts, questionable loans to the a string of collapsing corporatist-rent-seeking green energy boondoggles.

We win on both sides.  Less payouts, more pay ins, growth as people are paid by energy companies to something productive.

But Democrats, including all the Blue Parrots in the NH Democrat party, (who were silent hypocrites while Democrat energy policy made the cost of gas and all energy skyrocket–crippling the pocketbooks of regular Americans and delivering a gut punch to small business owners) , were right behind Obama squawking about how you can’t drill your way to lower energy prices.

They were so proud of how they made fun of Sarah Palin for making that case–the governor of a state that drills so much oil and gas their citizens get a check from the government instead of the other way around.

When are people going to realize that Democrats make no sense?  They argue for things that are bad for jobs, wages, incomes, budgets, create debt and lower tax revenues.  They make you pay more to get less, so they can spend three times that to add debt and deficits upon future generations and for what?

To pander to another in a long string of lies created and promoted so they could check another box off on their socialist to do list: take complete control of the energy sector in America.

So far their alternatives have all been very expensive failures.  but while they were tossing your money down a hole someone else was bringing us very close to becoming the Worlds largest producer of oil and gas.  And we have the reserves to that and then some.  We could own the market, control the price, and undercut those nasty South American and Middle Eastern bastards who hate us and want us dead.

US Texas an ND Leas the way on Domestic energy

What do Democrats want?  They want us to be at their mercy.

What should they do?  Stop tying up land and prohibiting development.  Let private companies invest and develop resources with all those profits you keep bitching about; they will spend their own money on exploration, research, people, benefits, and materials to get at extract, transport, deliver, that refine, that energy.  Every step in that chain creates jobs and saves families, lower costs and grows workforce.  People will have more money to spend in all other parts of the economy and local, state, and federal budgets stand to benefit.  Instead of paying out for nothing your spend nothing to get more revenue.  (This is basic economics you Ivy-League morons.)

The US will get more out with less global impact.  Countries will come to us to make energy deals instead of us having to go to them.  It is the single most likley salvation for our nation and a way out of our stagnation.  It can slow or stop the exponential debt spending and put us on a path toward lowering the debt, improving our currency and creating an America our children can be proud of.

Democrats?  They are making excuses for why their global warming models are all wrong and how it could possibly be getting colder.  I’ll tell you why.  They want to keep paying off their buddies in the green lobby and funneling tax dollars to left-wing ‘experts’ who will feed apocalyptic carbon-energy war stories to the press so they can keep the tax-payer funding to fear-mongering to Green-PAC to Democrat Candidate donors train rolling.

The left has perpetrated a massive and very expensive fraud upon the nation, one that foreign energy producers have paid lip service to to ensure their competitive advantage.  While they get checks from Saudi Arabia, we pay more for electricity, gas, and everything that has oil in it.

While the left plays fiscal footsies with the arm Lobby to stick corn in everything, we get higher gas prices, less fuel efficiency, shorter engine life, higher food prices and btw–as much or more harmful emissions.

Democrats are stupid.  Stop listening to them.  They will say anything to advance their agenda.  And if you hadn’t noticed, advancing that agenda always costs you more and more money.

Stop the bleeding.  Develop domestic resources and let those successful energy companies use their money to explore the next generation in energy solutions.  Trust me – they are looking to be at the forefront of every viable solution.  If we let them, they will find it cheaper, faster, and it will be more effective, and meet actual need, without any taxpayer funded, bureaucrat wrangles boondoggle bail outs.

One more point, because the Democrats will be screaming it at the top of their lungs…taxing a companies legally earned revenue less, is not a hand out or a bail out or corporatism.   It’s like the robber leaving you a twenty for cab fare home.   Not taking someones money is not a favor.  Democrats will insist that it is.  In return ask them to do you a favor, and take less of your revenue by letting energy companies keep more so they can spend it on the economy.