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The Democrat Bigotry Of Low Expectations

Trayvon, 2012
Trayvon, 2012
Steve’s post that the Zimmerman trial was always about “stand Your Ground” explains the government’s motives very well, but there’s more.

The Other McCain has been looking into the background of “poor little Trayvon”, and has found, once more, the soft bigotry of low expectations at work.

"We New School, They Old School"!
**”We New School,
They Old School”!
Specifically, by declining to discipline the boy in order to make the school system look less troubled, and to reduce the percentage of black crime reported by the school system, a grave disservice has been done to Trayvon in particular and the black community as a whole.

By perpetuating the view that lowered educational and behavioral standards are OK, the race hustlers and apologists have instead fomented a situation where people from the “new school”** think they are wonderful, and the world loves them, UNTIL they try to impose their low standards on the world, and get rejected, or even receive, as did Trayvon Martin, a “Darwin Award” for his bad attitude and failure to think before he assaulted a neighbor.

Thinking of assaulting a neighbor, most of us remember growing up in a time when such a neighbor might reasonably walk up to an unrecognized teen and ask: “Hi young man, can I help you? Do you live near here?”. Equally, said teen would reasonably expect that any unruly behavior would be reported to his parents, if known, or the police.

Pete, DaTechGuy had a good piece on “Death by Political Correctness“, and in discussion with him, I wrote:

You know, Pete, it’s much more basic than that.

The Negro population was making its fastest advances in society (and prosperity) back in the 1950s and 1960s, before the Great Society turned a lot of their youngsters into fatherless wards of the state.

Back then, any member of the community, upon seeing a teenager hanging around ‘up to no good’, would have simply asked “hi, son (or young man, so as not to condescend), can I help you? Do you live near here?”. More to the point, said adult, of any race, would not expect the teenager to lie in wait and assault him. (And let’s be clear, whether or not Zimmerman was acting wisely, what Trayvon Martin did was assault, indeed, it was “GBH”.)

In a better day, parental supervision would have meant that Trayvon would have been severely punished by his parents for failing to mind his younger brother, for hanging out with a shady crowd at the convenience store, and especially for assaulting a neighbor.

Also, in a better day, the school would definitely have called both the parents and the police upon finding stolen jewelry and a “big ass screwdriver” in young Trayvon’s bag.

Just ask Thomas Sowell, or Walter E Williams, or Herman Cain if their parents would have allowed them to get into such a situation.

Finally, back in the day, Martin Luther King did not lead violent protests over real, huge, injustices, he peacefully protested and made his point, in order that men be judged by the content of their character.   INDEED!