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How To Win Friends And Influence People – Why The GOP Is Dying

GOP-PastDue I make voluntary contributions to political organizations and candidates which I think will best advance my goals of limited constitutional government and the rule of law.

I have contributed heavily to the GOP, but mostly as a last resort, after the primaries are over, and the worst they can offer is still better than a Democrat.

The point that they miss, just like the Federal government and the rest of the ruling class, is the WE OWN THEM, and, did I say, contributions are voluntary. THUS, anything which looks or smells like a dunning letter, is a complete turn-off. I already have alternatives, and I will have more: For the GOP to get my money, it has to convince me that it has the principles, the platform, the candidates, and the game plan.

Last year, Reince Priebus talked the good talk: We were going to outspend the Dems 10:1 in key areas and beat them where it mattered – didn’t work out so well, did it? Allowing the gnomes to make rule changes which ticked off libertarians at the National Convention didn’t help win votes, either.

One by one, they have been stricken from my list: NRSC – waiting for any response to my concerns since 2009; NRCC – stricken this year, and they don’t write back; RNC – need to prove themselves anew – see above; NHGOP – watching and waiting for now.

And, today, THIS from the RNC. Tone Deaf! I could write and complain, but they don’t care. So, I tell our readers why my money is better employed elsewhere.