Star Parker Lights Up The NHFRW Lilac Luncheon (May 20th) - Granite Grok

Star Parker Lights Up The NHFRW Lilac Luncheon (May 20th)

Monday May 20th 2013: The annual gathering of all the New Hampshire Federations of Republican Women for their “Lilac Luncheon”, this year featuring conservative activist, author, and former congressional candidate, Star Parker.

Buy the book from Amazon
Buy the book from Amazon
Parker’s organization, Center for Urban Renewal and Education, is dedicated to teaching poor, mostly minority, welfare dependents that there is a better way, and that government is not the answer, not their parent. She, like Dr Ben Carson (a CURE board member) suffers plenty of vilification for daring to step off the Democrat Plantation, but is undeterred by it. Her book, “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” has been updated and re-released, and can be purchased from CURE, or from

During her 45 minute keynote speech, Star covered a wide range of topics: Welfare dependency, her background, her congressional run, the Liberal war on Christian culture, big government, debt, the need for a REAL opposition (“[W]hen they call us the party of “No”, we should thank them”), how abortion and gun control hurt blacks, and more.
Here are the videos, divided by topic, in chronological order:  

Part 1 – 2010 Congressional Run and her great current Congressman.
Part 2 – On The View With ‘Sicko’ Moore.


Part 3 – On being in NH and on The Left Unraveling over Gosnell
Part 4 – Playing the Race Card against The Left on Guns!


Part 5 – Her escape from welfare via a Christian conversion, and the mission of CURE.
Part 6 – On Medicaid and the one size fits nobody entitlement culture.


Part 7 – The Party of NO and real opposition – War for the heart and soul of America.
Part 8 – Freedom, Prosperity, and the need for a moral society. Liberalism doesn’t work.