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Scandals, Schmandals – Time For Obama’s ELEVENTH Royal Command Performance!

I got the white house, high living, sequestration blues! Mike Ramirez at skewers Obama's high life, but good!
I got the white house, high living, sequestration blues!
Mike Ramirez at skewers Obama’s high life, but good!
Give him his due – not only does Obama try to distract us from his never-ending scandals with a combination of lies, showmanship, and greater scandals, but he also goes to great lengths to distract himself and his friends with top-notch entertainment at the White House!

In our prior article, we described the prerogatives of Kings and Queens, and how the British “Royal Command Performance” had evolved into an annual charity gala, eagerly anticipated by the public, and not costing the taxpayer a penny.

We also pointed out, that hot on the heels of lush (separate) family vacations, and the deliberate choice to use sequestration as an excuse to make the public “feel his pain”*, such as by stopping tours of the White House, Obama was plowing ahead with his tenth in the Series of Unfortunate Expensive Events, by holding a star-studded Memphis Soul night in the East Room. So opulent was this event, that pictures were printed by news organizations around the world.

His Dilettante Majesty BH Obama 1st
His Dilettante Majesty BH Obama 1st
Scandals galore, ongoing attempts to make us feel his pain over sequestration, but no expense must be spared when it comes to providing classy distractions and diversions for His Dilettante Majesty BH Obama the First (PBUH).

Last night, we learned, courtesy of The Daily Caller, that plans were well advanced for the ELEVENTH “In Performance at the White House” series of Royal Command Performances, starring Carole King (receiving a Gershwin award), plus Gloria Estefan, Billy Joel, Jesse McCartney, Emeli Sandé, James Taylor, and Trisha Yearwood – yeah, just a small soiree!

By the way, that would be the same Carole King who performed “You’ve Got A Friend” for Fidel Castro in 2002 – one has to wonder if she’ll serenade Obama as sincerely as she did the butcher of Havana, or if she’ll fake it and vote “present” like Barry himself!

At least we have not had Mooch-elle** declaring that the peasants can eat cake, yet! (BTW, Marie Antoinette never uttered those words – they were lifted out of context from an earlier public figure.)

* And we thought Clinton was a Crass Act – at least he tried to feel OUR pain, wheareas Obama wants to be certain that we feel HIS pain – what a miserable, angry, loser.

** Originally attributed to Rush Limbaugh, the emphasis is on “mooch”, not on “moo”. Just wanted to clear that up.