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Riffing Off Skip – The Final Push To Break Us

Commerce Claws the rest of the Constitution? Skip sees accelerating tyranny, and an effort to break American culture and society. I am worried, our readers are getting worried, about a full-blown transformation of this great nation.

Skip listed Amendments which the progressives have trashed – add the Seventeenth which stole another chink from the armor of the states.

George Orwell Warned Against Totalitarian Government
George Orwell Warned Against Totalitarian Government
The word for Progressives’ stated intentions being the opposite of their real intentions, and their inversion of the meaning of “good” words, is “ORWELLIAN”, because we are seeing the complete convergence of NewSpeak, DoubleThink, and Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others. Furthermore, we are being taught daily that conservatives are “DoublePlusUnGood”, and to be punished.

We have a forest of acts (not laws) and regulations which are applied arbitrarily and capriciously – the very definition of tyranny.

StarParkerLook at the Star Parker event and listen to her sections on the culture wars that the left launched in the 60’s on Religion, the family, and on self-reliance.

DeweyRead about the Stalinist intentions of John Dewey, and how his conversion of our schools is almost complete.

Look at the weak position of the churches, and how some of them have become barely disguised communists.

Now, ask yourself, if (when) the excrement hits the ventilator, WHO, exactly is going to carry forward the beacon of civilization and learning, the way the Church (especially the Catholic Church) did during the Dark Ages.

What will prevent a full-blown Dark Ages? Are there enough of us?

Dear readers, feel free to join the struggle – I won’t use the word “Jihad”, because THEY won’t need to “struggle” to drag us back to the Dark Ages if Progressives can finish their task of undoing America. Do what you can to educate and inoculate your families and friends against this poison – inculcate self-reliance while you still can. Utopia, cannot exist, by definition, but DYSTOPIA can, and just might be our fate.

PS – Since Obama believes HIS animals are more equal than us, can we start calling him “Top Pig”?