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Open Letter To The National Republican Establishment – Find Your Principles!

The establishment Republicans, especially the national ones, never listen to their base, and yet they keep asking us for money. They do not seem to understand that they’ve blown it, and like I told my kids, respect has to be earned.

So, after a Re, Re, Re send of a begging letter from Greg Walden (Who?), I boiled over and answered.

From: Mike Rogers
Subject: Re: Can you respond?
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 22:46:42 -0400
To: Greg Walden <>   <===This address does not accept replies!
Cc: “Greg Walden’s Webmaster” <>

Dear Greg and the NRCC,
If you were as good at reading as you were at begging, you might learn a thing or two.
If you learned a thing or two, you MIGHT get my attention and money back.
In case you hadn’t noticed, you send these requests from a dead letter box, to which we plebes cannot reply- THAT is why I am copying “” as well.
Since you did not read my reply last week, I am pasting it below.
Please read it, and TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST!

Mike Rogers

On Mar 23, 2013, at 12:22, Mike Rogers  wrote:
Of course the reply address was bogus. NRSC, NRCC, John Cornyn…..
None of the establishment republican groups takes email.
Chris Chocola and his staff actually reply to suggestions.
My suggestion: Set a clear platform, insist that candidates sign on to it, and hold them accountable for their votes. DO NOT pander to the middle. Actually stand for something.
If you do not, not only will you lose the base whose support you crave, but you will consign the country to that future which Reagan said he would not settle for: explaining to your children and grandchildren what YOU were doing in the great battle for America, where men were ONCE free!
Courage and clarity. I’ll be back when I see it. Hint: Boehner and Cantor are not it!
On Mar 23, 2013, at 12:09, Mike Rogers  wrote:
You have nothing to offer me.
You support worthless RINOs who cannot be distinguished from Democrats, like Charlie Bass, who, for the second time in six years, shut out a TEA party challenge, only to lose to a real Democrat, who wore the progressive label more convincingly than Charlie did.
Club for growth does what you should be doing.

Mike Rogers

Mar 25, 2013, at 21:32, “Greg Walden” <> (another non-reply address) wrote:
Did you see my email from last week?I know you’re busy, but can you please take just a few seconds to complete the survey?Michael, your response is important. The NRCC’s Executive Director, Liesl Hickey, and I are sitting down tonight to go over your responses from the survey I emailed last week.Tomorrow, we are meeting with our staff to incorporate what we learn into our strategy for 2014, and we want to make sure we have your feedback.The 2014 elections are going to be incredibly important — elections we must win to ensure Obama’s campaign machine does not control Congress.And we need you to get involved in order to win.

Please take just a moment to fill out the survey and help build local insight to better prepare our team. If you have already completed the survey, please help out in other ways by forwarding this email.

Together, we can do this. We can build our team. And we can give a strong voice to all Americans.

Remember, the House is the last line of defense! We need your help.

Thank you,

Greg Walden
NRCC Chairman

==============Second copy, from last week============
From: Greg Walden
Subject: Fwd: We miss you
Reply-to: “

Michael – We need your help to build up our team and hope that you will take just a few seconds to give us some critical feedback.

We haven’t heard from you of late, and given the challenges our country faces, we’ve never needed your help more.

We at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) are building the last line of defense against Obama’s campaign machine controlling Congress.

The 2014 elections are extremely important. So, we need to build up our team, secure adequate resources, and plan our ground game right now.

I hope we can continue to count on you as an integral part of our team.

If we do not succeed in the 2014 elections, President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi will control every branch of government.

No check. No balance. No stopping the President’s costly agenda.

The NRCC is planning a major offense strategy to insure that the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Government does not become reality. We have seven (7) top Democrat targets that if we defeat we can possibly survive the election with the House Majority intact.

We need you as an essential part of our strategy team. We need your counsel and feedback on our plans – what’s going on locally in your area? What are the issues that we can use to be successful? Can you please fill out this short survey to give us some local insight?

Take just a few seconds and tell us more about yourself by filling out this short survey and join our strategy team.

Your input matters.

We truly thank you for your financial support in the past — and thank you in advance for your continued commitment. You’re a valuable part of our team.
Together, we will fight to make sure all Americans have a voice in government instead of an Obama-Reid-Pelosi dictatorship. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,


Greg Walden
NRCC Chairman