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Sarah Palin Pwns Obama With #sotUGottaBKiddingMe – Via Twitchy

Palin-TwitchySarah Palin launched a hashtag specifically for the purpose of poking holes in Obama’s straw men this evening, and with #sotUGottaBKiddingMe, she absolutely pwned him. Special thanks to Michelle Malkin’s for aggregating Governor Palin’s comments – here they are:

  • Obama: “There is much progress to report.” Oh really? Let’s see what the facts show… #sotUGottaBKiddingMe
  • 22.7 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or have given up looking for work.
  • Our GDP shrank by 0.1% in the 4th quarter.
  • Obama added $518 billion in new regulatory costs to America’s job creators since taking office
  • We have a $16.5 trillion national debt & we’re on day 1,385 without a budget. #PermanentPoliticalClassAtWork
  • $5.9 million [typo – trillion] was added to the national debt since Obama took office.
  • We have $46 trillion in fed spending from Obama’s FY13 Budget through 2022. That’s not “responsible” or “balanced.
  • Keep in mind that the sequester was Obama’s baby. He signed it into law. Now he thinks it’s economic Armageddon.
  • “Balanced approach” means “I’m going to increase your taxes to pay for my crony capitalism.”
  • “Can’t cut our way to prosperity.” If endlessly borrowing & spending money we don’t have leads to prosperity, bankruptcy is the way forward!
  • Voted for Obama? Check your paycheck withholding – it’s less. #OBuyersRemorse yet?
  • Stagnant economy, Greek-style debt, inflation, no jobs, high gas prices. What say you, Obama voters? #OBuyersRemorse?
  • Let’s “invest” in more “clean energy” because Obama has a lot of campaign bundlers to thank #cronycapitalismonsteroids
  • FACT: New offshore leases for oil and natural gas drilling have declined 61% under Obama. #noenergy
  • Gee, with all of these things he wants to “invest” in, how will he keep his promise not to “increase our deficit by a single dime”?
  • Obama speaks of “a thriving middle class”. Let’s see how the middle class has fared under Obama…
  • The average cost of family health care premiums has risen 24% under Obama.
  • Just 14% of America’s seniors believe they can retire comfortably.
  • The annual cost per household from federal regulations is over $15,000.
  • Real median household income has declined $4,520 since Obama took office. #ObamaHurtsTheMiddleClass
  • By the way, women working at the White House make less than men. Clean your own house first, Mr. President.
  • Now we’re going to eradicate poverty around the world. But remember this won’t “increase our deficit by a single dime”
  • Obama’s SOTU was more recycled rhetoric. He wants to make the fed govt more intrusive, bankrupt, and controlling
  • Most things Obama talked about are handled better on the individual, local & state level. Growing our bankrupt fed govt is NOT the answer.
  • Whilst rebutting Obama point by point, Palin also got in a ReTweet from the NRA: RT @NRAILA: Obama’s “commonsense reform” requires gun registration and confiscation