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Frank Guinta – perhaps a last thought

Frank GuintaGraniteGrok worked extremely hard for Frank back in the 2010 campaign – both in the primary as well as during the general.  He said the right things and said them in such a way that was convincing.  Yes, the TEA Party and the 9-12 Project folks got behind him and helped in doing the online work, and the normal grunt work that is a part of any campaign.  We supported him.

As he went to DC, we told him to stand tall and stand strong – keep your promises.  Number one for us at the ‘Grok was the promise to do what he could to decrease the spending, to cut government.  We said that we would guard his back with pikes if necessary.  But we warned him that the pikes would go the other way, TO his back side, if promises weren’t kept (here, here, HERE, HERE, HERE,  and HERE).

This was a prescient prediction…

Will this be sufficient to have folks thinking about voting for CSP as a “screw you” vote?  Hardly.  But I think that there will be a gap between the enthusiasm level seen in 2010 and what you may see now.  Will people be as willing to give of their time and money as the did before?  Will they be willing to take up the argument / discussion as forcefully as before?  Will they continue to be the “influencers” the way they did last time?  For those for whom Frank is the end all – be all, yes.  For movement folks (be they Conservative, TEA Party, et al), not as much will be my guess.

 …and it showed in the voting (and we pretty much left the race alone for a number of reasons, but given the alternative, I voted for him).   For me, the enthusiasm gap was created by:

  • Him voting FOR the first Continuing Resolution (and spending more $$) instead of standing with those that stood on principle and said “No further – we will not further indenture our constituents to the national debt.
  • Then, it was Frank voting for the second CR (and spending more $$)
  • The last straw was my Congressman voting to and the Debt Ceiling (and spending more $$).

So, what did we send him to DC for?

Yeah, that helped so much. Yesterday, Harry Reid made it known that the debt ceiling SHOULD and WILL go to $18.76 Trillion.  So what good did Frank do for the MAIN MISSION we sent him to do?

Sigh; I blame Grokster Steve – he shoulda sent one of these out quick.