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The Laundry Bill Comes Due (Bumped)

RGGI Map[Bumped: Given that Maggie Hassan is so proud to have sponsored this tax, I figured I’d revisit this post from September 30th]

Originally posted September 30th

The New Hampshire Sunday News has delivered what can only be called the dropping of the other boot on our necks.  I am referring to the impending rate hike by PSNH for state government mandates, including New Hampshire’s participation in the Region Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and the NH Renewable Portfolio Standard.

While rates have crept up for years this is the first real admission (I believe) by a local energy provider, that the time has come to deal with costs driven by the New Hampshire Democrat Parties war on cheap energy.  As a result the average rate payer will see their annual bill go up about 50.00 a year, with commercial and government customers paying significantly more, costs that will find their way into your tax bills and the cost of all goods and services, right when you need them the least.

PSNH says it needs to address 67 million in annual costs associated with these (Democrat passed) State mandates and it is required to notify the PUC of the planned hikes, expected to take affect January 1st 2013.

So say goodbye to 70 million from the New Hampshire economy every year as it gets spent on rising electricity rates instead of on jobs and the growth of local economies.  And we can probably  say goodbye to it every year until it goes up or goes away.  Yeah, we can afford that during a stagnating recession on the verge of getting worse.

I’d remind you all that RGGI, a broad based tax passed by Democrats, and signed into law by a Democrat governor, outsourced taxing powers to out of state regulators and energy speculators in exchange for a pile of tax money delivered to Concord each year without fear of ever having to hold a hearing or vote on it again…Tax money for nothing.

Hey, is that a New Hampshire value?  Giving out of state speculators the chance to drive the cost of credits that energy companies are forced to purchase by law?  How about outsourcing taxation to unelected boards who never have to hold hearings or listen to New Hampshire taxpayers?

Those would be New Hampshire Democrat values.  Take note of the difference.

New Hampshire Democrats pass mandates that drive us costs and then fold their arms and shrug while they wait for the checks to get to Concord.  And when the energy companies have to pass those mandated costs along to rate payers like you and I and small business owners, as they do now…let me guess; New Hampshire Democrats will blame the utilities, right?   And maybe they’ll blame small business owners who can’t hire now that their fixed costs have risen as a result of left-wing legislated mandates?  Yeah, because Democrats can’t take responsibility for any of the ridiculous things they do or the punishing side-effects that dog us for years or even lifetimes after.  But then, that’s another New Hampshire Democrat value.