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Obama’s Brown Shirts….Forward!

Obama scratched into car paint by Obama Brown shirtsIf Republicans were willing to agree with Democrats, we could get along.   Never the other way around.  So short of just agreeing with them (in most cses we agree on slightly less than nothing), we should continue to expect to be called names, insulted, attacked, and here’s just a few examples of the kind of nonsense that Democrats feel is perfectly acceptable to do to people who do not appear interested in four more Years of Obama.

In Huntington Indiana unhinged Obama Supporters used a church sign to say “Romney Hates Women.” (on the other side it said “Christ Voted Democrat.”)

In Alta Loma California if you have a Romney sign in your yard, you might find your car keyed, or your seats slashed.  How do we know it was Obama supporters you ask?  They scratched the name “Obama” into the paint.

In Racine Wisconsin, during a Tea Party event, a truck reported to have Obama stickers on it, covered the event parking lot with nails.

Vandelism and property destrcution are not just policy positions of elected Democrats.  If they think you’re unwilling to vote their way, they’ll come damage your property in person. So no more smiley-faced facsim.  Now we get full on Intimidation and vote suppression?

I have to wonder…were they wearing brown shirts when the did these things?