If it's Thursday, Obama Must be in OIHO! - Granite Grok

If it’s Thursday, Obama Must be in OIHO!

OIHO-OHIO by Mike Ramirez, H/T Townhall

You just can’t make this stuff up, and the “Twitterverse” lit up when a photo of Obama Spelling “O-H-I-O” backwards at Ohio State University made the rounds. Indeed, thanks to Twitter, and some independent pictures, any suggestions that the mis-spelling was Photoshopped were quickly debunked as you can see below:  
The wrong spelling, captured by an enterprising student.
The right spelling, as officially tweeted by the campaign.

For those who like playing the “deliberate mistake” game, spot the similarities as well as the obvious difference in spelling – specifically:
The watches are on the same wrists.
The shirts are buttoned the same way.
The light fixtures and windows are in the same positions.

With a guy like THE AMATEUR(TM), you don’t need to make things up – this is his life. And to think that Dan Quayle was pilloried for years when he read “POTATO-E” off a cue card…