Grok Goes to Tampa for the RNC: First Night – Unity Rally with Cain, Bachmann and more

Mar-Mar and I were lucky enough to have been offered guest passes to the GOP convention, so we are here with the NH delegation, and will get access to most events.
Sunday night, there was a large TEA party Unity Rally at the River Church in East Tampa, with the purpose of getting folks revved up and ready to vote Obama out of office. When I arrived, there was already a heavy media presence, even though the church service was still running, with the fiery Evangelist-style pastor revving up the crowd.
There are pictures of the rally and Herman’s whole headline speech after the jump, but a particularly noteworthy moment was when he referred to the recent fraudulent MSM poll which purported to show that 94% of blacks would vote for Obama and ZERO% for Romney! “I AM NOT A ZERO! YOU ARE NOT ZEROES!” “If you’re black and voting for Romney, stand up!” There were about 200 inside the large church who did so. Here’s Herman on the local Fox affiliate Monday morning:

Other key speakers included MC Rusty Humphries, Michele Bachmann, Neil Boortz, Rep Jason Chaffetz, founder, Todd Cefaratti, Tea Party Nation founder, Judson Phillips, rising stars Rebecca Kleefisch (WI) and Pam Bondi (FL) also spoke, as did Niger Innis. See the complete list here, but now enjoy Herman’s stemwinder:

And pictures from the evening (all high res – click to view)

Michelle Bachmann Has Lost None of Her Enthusiasm for the Good Fight
A Large Press Contingent Had Assembled Well Before the Rally
Tea Party Nation Founder, Judson Phillips
Wisconsin Lt Gov, Rebecca Kleefisch, Who, With Gov Scott Walker, Was Re-elected in Spite of the Union Recall Movement founder, Todd Cefaratti
Talk Show Host, Neil Boortz
Utah Congressman, Jason Chaffetz