As a Public Service We Present...The Republican Repair Kit - Granite Grok

As a Public Service We Present…The Republican Repair Kit

In New Hampshire it is time to announce your plans to run for public office this November.  We’d like to encourage every good Conservative and Libertarian with the time and inclination to consider running for the New Hampshire House, Senate, or any elected office.

Now you may say to yourself, you know what, we’ll probably have a bunch of Republicans running, and there are plenty running for re-election…I’m not sure there’s room for me?  Well the Grok is here to help you work that out.  We want you to look at who is running for election, and re-election, and ask yourself if they could use a Republican Repair kit (available on the jump).

If the answer is yes, you should run for office.  And then you should contact us so we can interview you and post it here.  Don’t wait too long to decide.  Your state needs you.  We still have a lot of work left to do.

Note: They wont all need the Repair kit….but a few of them probably do…and we all know who they are.

Republican Repair Kit