The WikiWellian Memory Hole Part 2 – The Socialist Censors Win

A Long Line of Socialists with a Penchant for Rewriting History
If that statement does not send chills down your spine, you may already be an Obama Zombie!
Today, WikiPedia confirmed the deletion of an article linking the slogan “FORWARD” to the history of socialism, and many publications with variations on that name. A quick recap of the story is in order:
Desperate for an optimistic slogan for his campaign, and in typically brazen fashion, Obama chose “FORWARD”, and has been campaigning on the theme of “Go Forward with me – we have to finish the work we’re doing to ‘improve’ America” (paraphrased). Just as the word “liberalism” had been discredited, and in a similar manner to Hillary’s resurrection of “Progressive” as the name for her ideology, it was time to move on again, and “Forward” seemed so positive – what could go wrong? Well, it turns out that there WERE people who remembered the socialist roots of “Forward”, and some of them had assembled an article on WikiPedia during 2011 pointing out that inconvenient fact. The article lay dormant, with barely ten hits per day until last week, when BarryO launched his new slogan, and a few people looked it up. The Washington Times, Godfather Politics, Granite Grok, and many others linked the Wikipedia article, and Oh My Gosh! Inconvenient Truth! Drop it Into the Memory Hole!
On May 1st, the article was marked for deletion, the debate amongst Wiki contributors raged, with plenty of votes in both directions, but the deleteniks won. (And saved as PDF, just in case the debate itself becomes an inconvenient truth!)

Here is the ruling from the Gods of Wiki:
The result was delete. Reading though the various comments here, various good points made on either side, but in the final analysis it seems clear that (as an editor noted below) “There is little or no connection between the disparate publications of the same or similar name other than similar ideological outlooks.” While the publications listed in the article are indeed individually notable, there does not appear to be a unity between them except in terms of sharing some name and being socialist in character. As several editors raised, this is a significant synthesis case.

But look at this quote in favor of keeping – and he’s far from the only one:
KEEP. This article was created by Soman on or before Jan 1, 2011. The Obama Campaign announced the slogan on April 30, 2012. Just because they, and SkepticAnonymouse ARE Socialists, does not mean they get to rewrite history. If Wikipedia deletes this entry, it will show that the organization is biased and political. I would hope that they would keep to being a straightforward catalog of facts as they originally founded themselves to be. The fact is, many socialists and groups, including Marx and Engels, used the name Forward. Hey, socialists, you came up with the tag, now wear it. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:41, 2 May 2012 (UTC)