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BlogBurst: The Psychopathic (Leftist) Evil That Stacy McCain is Exposing

Stacy is getting lots of help in his quest to expose the evil of Brett Kimberlin, including this video by Lee Stranahan, and exposure of the story by Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, and many others. On Friday, Lee Stranahan is encouraging an Everybody Blog Brett Kimberlin day – to ensure that he is thoroughly exposed and cannot continue his conjoined careers of intimidation, harassment, and leftist activism. Indeed, to make Kimberlin so radioactive that even the most deranged leftists will stop funding his antics.

Friday Special – looks like there are links between the unsavory characters in the Kimberlin files, especially Neil Rauhauser, and the evil hacker group, Anonymous. The trail of intimidation and destruction reaches back further – Seth Allen came to the defense of Dave From Queens (DFQ), when he was targeted by Kimberlin and Rauhauser, thus becoming a target himmself, etc. See: The Poopocalypse; internet convolution at its finest

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