Another Fraudian Slip from the Obama Administration? - Granite Grok

Another Fraudian Slip from the Obama Administration?

Mara Zebest at American Thinker finds problems with perspective, sizing, lighting and positioning of people in this picture - was it layered?
Talk about target-rich environment. Not so much foot in mouth, as carefully pacing foot in front of shotgun and yelling “pull”!
The layered birth certificate, the odd datestamp on the Selective Service Card, the composite imaginary girlfriend (or was it Ayers’ girlfriend?), and now the fake situation room photo. Was Obama really MIA so much that his entire life had to be invented?
Mara Zebest over at American Thinker deconstructs the Situation Room photo, and will certainly make you wonder if it’s quite real.
Talk about Macaca moments, the background of this guy is as thoroughly artificial as the made for TV band, The Monkees. And born around the same time, too. Did they share a publicity agent?