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GraniteGrok Endorsement: Ovide Lamontagne for NH Governor

Ovide Lamontagne For NH Governor 2012We have known Ovide Lamontagne for a number of years now, and the longer we have known him, the surer we are of his Conservative Principles and his stances on current events based on those Principles.  We have seen him refuse to take more politically expedient paths, ways the could yield better political outcomes for him personally, simply because it meant that he would have to cut corners instead of following those foundational guiding philosophies.  Many times, you might hear that a politician is a man of his politics.  That’s not Ovide; instead, you get a politician of steadfast convictions.  Enough so that we endorsed him for US Senate this last cycle.  Every stance is a Conservative one – we like an appreciate it. You know us – and we know Ovide Lamontagne.

Have no doubt, the Democrats will be putting up an extremist Progressive – and our bet is that Ovide will present the best alternative to those that will try (and make no mistake – they are campaigning on it right now) to recreate the Big Government go-round of 2006 / 2008?

Is this still the Live Free or Die State?  If you agree that it is, but that it hangs in the balance, consider this: It needs a Live Free or Die Governor!  One that not only can say the words but means, that lives, the philosophy behind it. That person, that Governor, is Ovide Lamontagne, the Happy Warrior!

We ask that when it comes to vote in the NH Republican primary in the Fall, please vote for Ovide.  And then again in November.


When NH State Senator Jeanne Forrester had house event back February, Ovide Lamontagne was gracious in granting us an exclusive interview after having already spent  a couple of hours giving a talk to those present and then answered questions from them.  Both parts of that interview:

Part 1:

Part 2: