Romney's Core Convictions? Try Etch-a-Sketch! - Granite Grok

Romney’s Core Convictions? Try Etch-a-Sketch!

Matt Ortega's Etch-A-Sketch Romney site is one of the many responses to a Mitt Romney aide's comments comparing the candidate's transition into the general election to the children's toy. (Matt Ortega / / March 21, 2012 Click picture to visit his site)

What a gold mine for his opponents, all the way from Rick Santorum to Barack Obama! Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom managed to out gaffe “Joe the Gaffer” Biden this morning when he said (paraphrasing)  “positions pushed too far right in the primaries? No problem you can reset them, like an Etch-a-Sketch – just shake ’em up”!!

Seamus Romney drawn on an Etch A Sketch by Andrew Kaczynski

Updated with another good sketch – as Skip would say, Heh!
More detail and some videos over at the LA Times