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Is A NH Public Employee Using The Internet to Sell his Political Agenda On Your Time?

What does  a New Hampshire Public employee who is also an SEIU chapter Vice President and shop steward do while working on the taxpayer dime?  If your name is Richard de Seve, (Dick de Seve, or DickNH, from Gilmanton, NH, VP of the Gilmanton Conservation Commission) you may be posting comments to the Concord Monitor online, throughout the work day, when you shouldn’t be.   At least that’s how it looks from here.

How could I suspect such a thing?  After encountering the amusing screen name DickNH at the Concord Monitor Online, I felt compelled to find out what kind online footprint someone with that handle generates.  What unfolded was a series of connections with a curious conclusion.  That a self proclaimed adjunct professor at UNH, with a law degree and former law practice, who is also an SEIU chapter Vice President and Union Steward,  employed as a Compliance Supervisor at the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, might be using Newspaper Message Boards online to promote the Democrat/Union agenda when he should be doing the taxpayers business.

Richard, for good or bad, is a prolific commenter.  His DickNH profile stretches for pages and pages of remarks, with recent post dates and times that  always occur weekdays, during typical office hours.  (There are some 50 pages of comments.)

Now to be fair, perhaps Richard does not work typical weeks or typical hours.  He may keep very…liberal… office hours.  And I have no idea what an adjunct professor does at UNH or when and if he still does that.  He may not have an office.  But what if he does work a more typical week?  How much of our time, if any, has he spent on Union and Democrat party policy advocacy while employed to attend to the taxpayers business?

Without knowing, I jotted down a short sample of Dick’s recent activity by day and time.  You can follow this link to see for yourself–and while you are there, get a load of what he has to say.  All 3 years and 34 weeks worth if you like.  It’s typical left wing nonsense by the truckload, all pro union, anti-Republican pap.

Recent Post Dates and Times

Fri     3/2/12 2:23pm
Fri     3/2/12 9:33am
Fri     3/2/12 9:17am
Thu    3/1/12 3:21pm
Thu    3/1/12 1:57pm
Thu    3/1/12 9:57am
Wed   2/29/12 2:14pm
Fri    2/24/12 9:46am
Fri    2/24/12 9:05am
Thu    2/23/12 9:26am
Wed   2/22/12 8:49am
Tue   2/21/12 4:19pm
Tue   2/21/12 4:58pm
Tue   2/21/12 4:54pm
Thu 2/16/12 3:48pm
Thu 2/16/12 3:16pm
Wed 2/15/12 2:19pm
Wed 2/15/12 2:26pm
Wed 2/15/12 10:48am

Again, with all due respect, while I disagree with almost every word of what he says, no matter when he says it, Dick can throw down some text, and not just on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday either.  There are Mondays and Tuesdays in there, further back, but I did not find any weekend dates in my brief search, and nothing outside office hours, so you can see why this caught my attention.   I even found letters to the editor from Dick de Seve of Gilmanton, NH.  And there is only one of him in the whole state. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is his work.  But I freely admit that I do not know his schedule.

Maybe he works Saturday through Tuesday.  If so fine.  Continue to fight your fight and exercise your free speech all you like.  But what if this political advocacy is occurring while we are paying him to do something else?   And how do we know that this is the only online activism he is participating in during typical office hours?   Can we guess that there might be other SEIU/SEA,  or other public employees engaged in similar activity during office hours?

As I said before, I do not know the schedule of a Compliance Supervisor with the NH DES.   Perhaps there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.  Maybe he is taking breaks or has weird rotating lunch hours.  But it does raise some red flags when a public employee, who happens to be listed as both an officer and a Steward with the local SEIU and NH SEA, appears to be using public property or at least public time, for his own ongoing political propaganda campaign at the local fish-wrapper.  Activism that appears to have been going on for quite some time.

There are still unanswered questions.  But we have every right to be suspicious.  Rest assured we are looking into this further.   And I encourage  our readers, particularly those with more time and resources, to do the same.