At the same time CPAC is going on, so is the Washington and Lee University Republican Mock Convention of 2012 - Granite Grok

At the same time CPAC is going on, so is the Washington and Lee University Republican Mock Convention of 2012

GraniteGrok extends it’s thanks to Scott McGrath for reporting from this event that is dovetailing with CPAC 2012!

Day 1 of Washington and Lee University Republican Mock Convention 2012

Event started with a debate between Ann Coulter and James Carville,  The respective podiums were equipped with Red and Blue boxing gloves,    As such I expected a political match on the order of Ali and Frazier in the ‘Thrilla from Manilla’,    What we got was Ann Coulter delivering a corporate approved message and she showed no passion just like the putative nominee Mitt Romney who is buying elections and was a massive disappointment as governor of Massachusetts,    Ann made some good points like why are we wasting bombs in Afganistan blowing up targets which are worth less than the bombs themselves.     She also brought forth the point that we should have only attacked Arab governments with Crazy leaders and sane populations like   Iran and Iraq,   Also why did we attack Libya who she pointed out became G.W. Bush’s bitch about 5 minutes after Saddam fell,    Ann showed the only passionate moments when talking about the recent decision by the Obama administration to force coverage of contraception   she pointed out that we all would like free gasoline for our cars but gas should not be included in auto insurance,    Ann also feels that we cannot lower taxes any further and excessive regulation is the only front left to reduce cost of government.   She used the example of a store in NYC needs to fill out 100 pages of forms to replace a awning in front of a store.    Unfortunately most of the time Ann seemed like she was on corporate issued Ritalin as James Carville was passionate in defending the liberal entitilement mentality the crowd did not agree with his opinions especially when he really got into Cajun mode when he became not only insane but totally incomprehensible.     Unfortunately I feel that he won the debate because he forcefully defended his liberal agenda where the best Ann could come up with is “I think the republicans have a 55% chance of taking the white house”,

Note: after the jump is the live feed from the event at the bottom of the post if you are so inclined to watch!

Next speaker was Governor Mike Huckabee,    The Governor immediately took the fight to the Obama administration and it’s policies which have taken the percentage of people receiving public assistance from 7.5% to 23%.     Mike was passionate about reducing the size of government and repeal of regulations to reignite job creation in America,    He also passionately attacked the forced charity of welfare and pointed out that the Obamas give approximately 1% of their income to charitable causes where the biblical definition of charitable giving is 10%,    He also pointed out the uncertainty of the regulatory climate is preventing job creation.    Along these lines he described a scene he saw while getting gas.   He saw a young woman pull up to a gas pump and leave quickly,    He went over to the gas pump and saw that the woman had purchased only 5$ of gas,   Mike pointed out that the economic climate is limiting earning power of everyone so that woman was ONLY able to buy 5 dollars worth of gas which now will take her a much shorter distance than it would have before he came into office.

Mike pointed out that Liberty is being destroyed by the governments ever increasing web of regulation,   And he pointed out the the view on forcing contraception to “save money” now has a much darker side in that it lays the groundwork for mandatory euthanasia for people who have medical conditions which are deemed “too expensive”.

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