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Fedora Convention in Nashua, NH: Late Night Blogging

Primary season in NH, and the journalists descend on the local bars like locusts. No, I’m not talking about Fox News, the New York Times, or any of those 2nd or 3rd rate outlets 😐   Please meet Kelly from MA Right to Life,  Pete DaTechGuy, and Stacy TheOtherMcCain: More activism and journalism than you’ll find anywhere outside of the pages of the Grok 😉

Fresh from his eight day marathon around Iowa in that Ford penalty box, Stacy flew into Boston this morning to rendezvous with Pete and put pedal to the metal in hot pursuit of Rick Santorum and campaign stories.
Your humble scribe caught up with American Specator’s “National Affairs Desk” as it parked beside a convenient supply of beer and WiFi at Martha’s Exchange Brewpub in Nashua shortly after the blow out Santorum townhall in Windham this evening.
We had chance to share drinks, dessert, and chat while the big story of the night was duly completed and filed. Check spectator.org for the finished item.