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Campaign Weather Report: Toasty!

More Minnesota toast, and possible Texas toast is the campaign weather report this morning, with significant turbulence expected in NH for the next  7 days.

Last night, Texas Governor, Rick Perry, announced he was returning to Texas to reconsider his campaign. Perry Heading Back to Texas to Determine Next Step

Also last night, Michelle Bachmann announced that she was continuing “full steam ahead” but apparently she mis-spoke again. This morning at 10am CST, or a little later, as is customary for her, Bachmann announced that she is quitting the race. Several commentators, including Ed Rollins and Sarah Palin had praised her efforts, but suggested that there as no way she could continue without going deeply into debt.

So, stick a fork in her, she’s off home to join the other burned Minnesotan, T-Paw, and watch that space down in Austin for possible news of another campaign casualty.
Bachmann Ends Presidential Campaign

Update- faster than a not-so-speeding typist, Perry announced that he was on to the Palmetto State (SC)! Potentially bypassing NH.  H/T Aaron Goldstein over at the Spectacle Blog.