RSC: Jobs Through Growth Plan (vs Spending)

The Republican Study Committee is a fiscally conservative group on Capitol Hill, trying to change the direction of the party and country, and is an incubator for reforms such as Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

Several members of this group were at the AFP conference this past weekend, including Paul Teller on the panel discussion about Federal spending, and Wes Goodman, who presented the Jobs Through Growth Plan, in conjunction with AEI and Let Freedom Ring.

The plan has its own website, with the mission statement "The Jobs Through Growth Act gets Washington out of the way and will unleash tremendous private sector growth that creates a jobs renaissance". If you like what you see, you can sign the petition to put pressure on Congress to enact the bills comprising the plan. There’s also a neat moving graphic showing the tax cutting presidents vs the big spending presidents – static snapshot below – click to visit their site:

Jobs Through Growth