Chris Christie and the Ruling Class

Story this morning from Politico on how Chris Christie COULD get into the race really got me going, so I leapt in with both feet to comment – cross-posted here from Yahoo! news….

The biggest obstacle: Like Bobby Jindal, he has work to do in his state, but unlike Bobby Jindal, all the while he says no, he keeps on researching how to get to yes – by the time he gets there, he’ll be a laughing stock:

The most offensive thing about this whole charade is not Christie himself, who I admire for tackling the tough problems in NJ, but the constant effort by the Ruling Class to pick a good squishy moderate for us. Is it any wonder the GOP lost with standard bearers like Bob Dole and John McCain? With only Mittens the pussycat as a firmly establishment candidate, who just might not be likeable enough to win the primary, the ruling class keeps throwing candidates into the mix that the people wouldn’t give a second glance without a lot of hype.
Mike the Huckster (who’s not totally discounted himself), Mitch the moderate, Huntsman the phony, and now Christie the gun-grabber.

Meanwhile, out in the real world, we the people are looking for candidates who breathe fire, honor the constitution, and know how to cut a budget. Discounting the ones with no executive experience, we have:
Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Gary Johnson, Buddy Roemer, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and probably Sarah Palin (who would rise quickly if she jumped in).

(Mike lights blue touch paper and stands well back to admire the fireworks)