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VOTER ID: Governor Lynch Vetoes Integrity and Honesty


“I can make them voting machines sing Home Sweet Home.”  ~Earl Kemp Long, (1895-1960)

Governor Lynch vetoes SB129…Irony. A considerable number of facets of our every-day lives require us to produce identification.  Not producing an identification means not obtaining the good or service we seek. More often than not, it is a “private” entity that asks and we dutifully comply without so much as a whimper or mild objection. We have accepted this as a way of life, for better or worse. For example: 

  • When I Pick up a prescription at CVS Pharmacy, I am frequently asked to produce a photo I.D.
  • Frequent use of my debit card causing the signature to become ameliorated prompts a merchants request to see my photo ID.
  • The first time I appeared at school to pick up my daughter, I needed to produce an ID.
  • When I obtain medical documentation for my minor daughter to attend camp, I must produce an I.D. to obtain copies of the records.
  • When travelling, and I check in at the Airport, the ticket agent always asks to see my photo ID.
  • When I check into a hotel while travelling, I am asked to produce an I.D.
  • A large segment of our population are forced to endure a form of age discrimination based only on a youthful appearance and show a valid State-issued I.D. to consume libations.
  • When I go to FEDEX or UPS in Londonderry they often require me to produce a state-issued identification to prove who I am in order to retrieve a package sent to me.
  • Whenever I showed an apartment that is for rent, I always request a photo ID. Countless other management companies require a photo ID prior to showing an apartment to prospective tenants.
  • When going with a Real Estate agent to look at homes, most will require a photo ID prior to a home-showing.
  • A photo I.D. is required to obtain Food Stamps, EBT cards and other forms of public assistance.

The anti-gun liberals will go nuts over these next two…

  • When I go to the local indoor gun range, I must produce a state-issued valid ID.
  • When I make the occasional purchase of a firearm, I am required to produce a valid, state-issued photo I.D.

And finally, when a police officer stops citizens operating motor vehicles, that officer invariably asks the operator to produce a valid operators’ license….yes…a State Issued I.D.

A significant component of living ones’ life will invariably require that person to prove they, “Are who they say they are.” That is the underlying principle of producing an I.D. The only group in this current era that might have trouble producing an I.D. is those who are Amish.

Yet, to fulfill this important civic duty…that is, voting…to ask for citizens to prove who they are is somehow an affront.  Somehow, liberals accept all these other tenets affecting our everyday lives without complaint, yet  Governor Lynch asserts, the bill would,  “[I]nfringe on voting rights and threaten voter confidentiality…”and,  “[Create] a real risk that New Hampshire voters will be denied their right to vote…”  I would like the Governor to explain how asking for an I.D. infringes on voting rights? Twenty-nine other states have voter I.D. laws and the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the laws. Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, 553 U.S. 181 (2008) In that case, Justice Stevens writes,

“The relevant burdens here are those imposed on eligible voters who lack photo identification cards that comply with [Indiana election law] Because Indiana’s cards are free, the inconvenience of going to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, gathering required documents, and posing for a photograph does not qualify as a substantial burden on most voters’ right to vote, or represent a significant increase over the usual burdens of voting…”

Second, the Governor asserts the law will, “threaten voter confidentiality” This is pure dishonest demagoguery. The name, address and party affiliation of each and every registered voter in a particular precinct is listed on the, “Voter Checklist.” When approaching the table, one must state one’s name and the person handling the checklist crosses off ones’ name. The voter checklist is a public document available for purchase as well. Where both parties have made a cottage industry out of identifying how many times people vote, issues voted for and other extraneous demographic information, Lynch insults our intelligence in suggesting that the secret ballot process is somehow compromised because one must show an I.D. upon entering a polling place.

This is pure demagoguery on the part of the Governor. Twenty-nine states already have voter I.D. laws requiring voters to show identification prior to voting. In fourteen of those states, the form of I.D. must have the voter’s photo on it. Sixteen states accept non-photo I.D.’s such as passports.

First, a voucher is provided for people to obtain a state-issued identification card if one does not have one. Second, Lynch tells the Union Leader, “the bill would require some voters to travel distances to obtain a valid photo identification quickly or lose their vote.” he continues, ID requirements “will present real hardships, especially for our seniors and disabled voters,” Again, this is disingenuous.

We live in a society where one cannot use a credit card, cash a check or access medical care without proving ones’ identity. I have yet to meet a disabled person who does not have a state-issued non-driver identification. I once had a tenant in the “disability” category whose social worker saw to it he had an I.D. card; that I received his rent voucher from the housing authority and his fuel assistance voucher from the Community Action Service. So give me a break, Governor!

Voter fraud? its’ real….it exists and it happens…It goes unchecked and unprosecuted. Simply because the legal standard is so high and the interpretations of law are so grossly contorted, does not mean fraud doesn’t exist. It does exist and those who say it does not are liars. Remember Geoff Wetrosky? Finally, look at who opposes voter ID laws: it’s the rank and file liberals who enjoy the patronage and support of a constituency of those who are not qualified to vote. Plain and simple. And Lynch is the executive co-conspirator pandering to his leftist constituency…for there is no shortage of lefties lining up to oppose the bill.


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