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NHGOP Chairman’s Speaker Series – Rudy Giuliani

The NHGOP Chairman’s Speaker Series of events is a way for party supporters to contribute a little extra and get close to major players and presidential candidates in a smaller group. Prior events have included Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump (on the very day The Birth Certificate was released), and next week is your chance to meet Karl Rove. Even if you don’t agree with these folks, the events can provide a fascinating insight that you won’t get at a typical public speech. (Contact NHGOP HQ for more information)

June 2nd 2011, Dover NH, at the beautiful riverside home of Dan Philbrick, the NHGOP presented ‘Hizzoner’ Mayor Rudy Giuliani, one of the decade’s most forceful and charismatic characters. Whether or not you agree with his politics 100%, this man is one of the great leaders, and was definitely the right man in the right place at the right time in NYC in 2001.

Here, after introductory speeches by Jack Kimball and Dan Philbrick, the mayor talked a little about the history, but mostly about the wrongheaded policies of the current administration, his prescriptions for getting America on the right track, and his interest in the presidential race. He told the group that he’d consider getting in if there was no clear leader with the right policies, but if he saw such a person, he’d definitely back them wholeheartedly – leaving the impression that he cares more about the right outcome than about his own promotion. A very impressive talk, followed by Q&A with the audience and a fascinating final question from the host, Dan Philbrick – enjoy.

(Apologies for the challenging lighting conditions)

Introductions by NHGOP Chairman Jack Limball, and our gracious host, Dan Philbrick:



A fascinating speech by Mayor Giuliani, in which he nails the domestic and foregin policy errors of this misguided administration, and offers his own prescriptions for restoring America.

PS – this post was removed during the NHGOP upheaval last year, but Hizzoner’s words are always interesting, and I thought it was time to repost.