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Cut The Legislature Says The Shrill Kathy


“The two pillars of ‘political correctness’ are: a) willful ignorance;  b) a steadfast refusal to face the truth.” ~George MacDonald, Poet and Novelist (1824-1905)

In the Union Leader today, the Shrill Kathy bemoans the legislature for austere measures. A big-government liberal like Kathy Sullivan sticks to the same old template of bankrupting budgets and oppressive tax policies that make bearded marxists blush. Don’t cut the stuff that costs the most…the stuff that is rife with waste, fraud and abuse!

 Says, the Shrill Kathy: Cut the size of the legislature down to 375. When the Democrats were in control, however, no hue and cry to cut the size of the legislature could be heard from them… Not from Kathy…Not from anybody in the Democrat party for that matter.  Would it have benefited the Democrats to reduce the size of the Legislature when they were in power?

 The Shrill Kathy’s proposal to downsize the legislature is a mere corrupt offering, failing to observe that each and every legislator was duly elected by citizens of the Granite State. It’s nearly always a Democrat who decries disenfranchisement, yet the Democratic Charlatan Shrill Kathy makes the proposal. It’s not bad enough enduring the fights every ten years when redistricting occurs and this is just an, “us versus them” argument couched in straw politics.

 The Shrill Kathy is a “lawyer” by trade. Knowing what the constitution says, She taks it out of context to pander to those who would read her latest diatribe. Ordinary or reasonable people understand Part II article 9 provides leeway to adjust for variations in population, based on the census.

 The Shrill Kathy’s next attacks a State Representative Steve Vaillancourt, who she despises. “There are those who might argue that the Legislature is not that costly a burden for the taxpayers, that the representatives are paid only $100 a year. The small salary is only a part of the cost, however. Every legislator receives mileage reimbursement for attending sessions and committee hearings…” attacking Rep. Steve Vaillancourt’s $4,700 receipt for mileage reimbursements and a license suspension issue.

 With criticism of Vaillancourt, the Shrill Kathy neglects to mention similar disbursements to Democratic proteges, not to mention the several expensive junkets of former House Speaker Terri Norelli. If the Shrill Kathy thinks Vaillancourt did something improper or illegal she should state that. She didn’t. You know why? because it is a non-issue. And to be fair, Steve Vaillancourt is an extremely hard-working legislator who responds to his constituents and works for them, unlike others who cannot be found when the legislature is not in session.

 Back in August of 2000, I received a Notice of Suspension from the State of New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Division, despite the fact I had not had a moving violation in over 15 years. Perplexed, I contacted the State who advised me I had an outstanding liability with the State of South Carolina. South Carolina advised that I had an unpaid $35 motor vehicle excise tax dating back to 1985, yet  still on their books. I cut the check, put it in the mail and disposed of the issue forthwith.

 The nexus of my pending suspension was states obtaining reciprocity of motor vehicle records. From about 1999 on, thousands of Granite Staters were caught in this very snare. Steve Vaillancourt was just one of many. The problem for the Shrill Kathy is not the license suspension, but the vast number of people who understand why and how it happened.

 Then finally, the Shrill Kathy nit-picks the administrative costs of filing a bill. Again, late to the picnic, this was a non-issue when the Democrats controlled the house and were hard and fast at work spending the state into bankruptcy and enacting nanny-state legislation with reckless abandon. 800 bills were filed for the 2011 session, but the Shrill Kathy fails to mention the 989 bills filed for the 2010 session when the Democrats controlled the house. Where were the auster measures then, Kathy?  

 The Shrill Kathy thinks people would not notice such changes and that most people don’t know who their legislator is. She goes on to quote UNH faculty member and Pollster Andrew Smith, who said, “[N]obody really knows who their state rep is or who they’re voting for.” Yet, provides no context for the remark. (Certainly, I am not going to spend all the time hunting for the remark) Here’s the problem with your logic, Shrill Kathy. Somebody out there knows. Their paying attention when you want them to and when you don’t want them to.

 The Shrill Kathy is in her usual form with her pandering, demagoguing and hypocritical blather. But that is par for the course because she represents a Democratic party, bereft of ideas and unwilling to part with the sacred cows that are the ruining the state. 


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