74? No more! GraniteGrok endorses a "No" vote on raising the Federal Debt Ceiling - Granite Grok

74? No more! GraniteGrok endorses a “No” vote on raising the Federal Debt Ceiling

TO:       US Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)

             US Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH)

             US Congressman Frank Guinta (R-NH)

             US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)

FROM:   GraniteGrok

SUBJECT: Vote NO to raising the Federal Debt Ceiling

Seventy Four – the number of times that the National Debt Ceiling has been raised.  That political line in the sand has been  redrawn in the sand so often, there’s no line there at all – just a hole.  It has become meaningless as a brake – it has done absolutely nothing at all.  Ostensibly, it should act as a governor on those that we have elected to govern; instead, it has become nothing as a joke.  Oh sure, lip service is given, platitudes mouthed, but the spending has kept on going.

This year, the Democrats in the US House and Senate, plus the Socialist in the White House, couldn’t even fulfill their Constitutional duty in passing a budget.  Now add in $3 Trillion plus of debt that they racked up the past two years while funding every pet governmental dream. Thus, Continuing Resolutions had to be passed – whose much ballyhoed spending cuts ended up being as useful as a single spit onto a grease fire.  Republican ballyhoeing? No, just hooey.  The result?

Standard and Poor’s recent warning of downgrading, PIMCO’s selling off Treasuries, and many others running away from the dollar in the not so unbelievable fear of pure mismanagement; Obama’s "Determined Weakness" policy is in full bloom as the rest of the DC cohort have acted as willing enablers.

Nationwide, the major TEA Party angst has been about this out of control spending. This cycle, we threw out the bums and elected many freshman legislators who we thought would stand with the true conservatives already in DC (and Concord!) to slow down and reverse the sprint to the chasm that is our impending financial ruin.  When a less than satisfactory candidate was in the general election, we held our noses and went with the best of the worst, making sure you all understood our anger over the fiscal position their co-politicians have placed us and this nation.

Just as Nov. 2 was a political wake up call to the Political Class and politics as usual, so should this event.  We urge all FOUR of you to vote no on raising the Debt Ceiling. 

We absolutely reject the Administration’s, the Democrats’ (and no small number of Republicans as well) ravings that the Federal Government would stop, no one would be paid, and bringing an apocalypse.  Nonsense – as any family whose credit cards have been shut off knows even while still working.  Given the fact that revenue would continue to flow in, a No vote would serve one important function – it would finally force politicians and bureaucrats alike to actually have to make the hard decisions to prioritize Governmental spending.  No, you will not be able to pay for everything – and that would be the point.

Doing what has been threatened (not pay the military, not pay S.S. and other things that would cause fear and trepidation for the largest number of people) will be political suicide, so don’t do that.  Instead, look around and see all of the other programs that can go unfunded.  What’s more important: a box of bullets for our soldiers in Iraq or a cowboy poetry festival?  Money for a butterfly study, or keeping the lights on in the Congress (tempting, I know)?  Funding another drunk Chinese prostitute study or keeping the Federal courts open?  The trade-offs are many and they are there; now it is now a decision time from which you should not just blithely walk away.

Our message is that it is time to become frugal – a long lost word in the world of DC.  Shutdown is not mandatory but stopping the spending is; 2012 is coming.

Glen Reynolds over at Instapundit has it right:

How many people, given the choice between massive cuts in the federal budget, and cuts like these in their own budgets, would choose to cut their own?

Indeed.  The Political Class is all up in arms that Government won’t have first claim on money.  It is time to realize that it isn’t theirs merely for the taking.