"I was sent to Washington to restrain spending and exert some fiscal discipline." - Granite Grok

“I was sent to Washington to restrain spending and exert some fiscal discipline.”

Yes, those were Congressman Frank Guinta’s words as Fox News Shannon Bream paraphrased his campaign words as "When you get to washington, you’re going to cut and then cut some more."

Yes, you were.  The TEA Party types, like GraniteGrok, expected you to lead – not follow. 

And not be told where to go, either.

You said, over and over, that Federal spending was unsustainable (about the only word from the greenies that seems to actually be applicable right now).

We expected Congressional life in DC to be hard.  We expected it to be a pressure cooker for you like most of us cannot imagine (with all those hands and pleas and yells to give people money that used to be other peoples’).  We expect that you would be surrounded not only by the Progressives (typified here in NH by Zandra Rice-Hawkins).  We expected, being a TEA Party backed candidate, that the DC Establishment (especially the Repub kind) were going to rub their hands in glee as they joyfully said "ah, new red meat to grind up and mold OUR way."

We expected you to lead.  Really, we did.  And do. We sent you because of your fiscal promises to cut the spending and cut the size of government.  And to it quickly.  We believed you.

I have said since Nov 2 that we had to watch your backside and protect it from the Progressives and Establishment types, with pikes.  Like these guys (<—-). 

I also said that we would hold you accountable – that those pikes might be pointed at your backside.  You said "Please do".

So, when I heard that the second short term Continuing Resolution was being voted on (because the Democrats in the last Congress couldn’t even vcarry out their basic reason for being there – passing a budget), I decided to look who was leading to cut government and Federal spending.  I looked at the list of Republicans that decided enough of this fiscal tomfoolery and decided to lead:  GOP Reps. Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Justin Amash (Mich.), Jeff Duncan (S.C.), John Fleming (La.), Tim Huelskamp (Kan.) and Allen West (Fla.) have all said they will vote against the new measure.

Oh wait – a name was missing!

The CR (Continuing Resolution)?  Decided to take a look – what was the context?  You’re all over stopping $10 Billion with these two Continuing Resolutions to keep the Feds going.  The deficit this year will be $1.65 Trillion. $10 Billion of that is 0.63%.  Don’t look now, but I believe we’re running out of $2 Billion weeks.

Frank, feel that pinprick on your backside?  Yeah, you don’t have to turn around – you know what it is.


    $10,000,000,000  0.61%

Yeah – 0.61%.  That’s leadership?  Standing tall, or standing down? Obama and the Democrats are now in full on "Let’s play Chicken" mode -are we know going to see a glinty eyed Frank looking down his barrel saying "Feeling lucky, punk?"  to those that believe they have more of a right to our property (money) than we who earn it? That have the willingness, as it seems, to keep our grandkids in perpetual indentured servitude?

Even a ship headed in the right direction sometimes has to have mid-course corrections.  Sometimes, it has to hit flank speed to reach a safe harbor and outrun an impending storm whipping up right behind you.  Time to adjust the course and speed it up, sir.

Frank? This spending is unacceptable to taxpayers across the country, Frank.  Keep it up, and you’ll end up like this:

We, the taxpayers, are bigger than government.  We also aren’t going to be bullied any more.

Remember this?

Upon receiving this presser, I called his office in DC to make sure of the intent: He does not wish to see a government shutdown, but he did campaigned on promising to make Government smaller and to cut the out of control spending that his predecessor, Carol Shea-Porter, was in favor of.  If the Senate Democrats reject the spending cuts that the House has put in, he will vote against the Continuing Resolution.

Words have meanings – and implied promises.