Data Point - Like we alREADY didn't know this? - Granite Grok

Data Point – Like we alREADY didn’t know this?

New Flash from Rasmussen: Politicians want MORE government power and money!

When it comes to money and power, politicians want the government to have more of it, while voters want the government to have less. At least that’s what most Americans think.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 62% of Adults nationwide say most politicians want more power and money for the government. Just 13% believe the opposite is true.

At the same time, 58% believe that most voters want the government to have less power and money. Only 22% believe most voters hold the opposite view and want a bigger role for government.

This sense of a fundamental divide between politicians and voters helps explain the frustration felt by many Americans today. Just 21% of voters nationwide believe the government today has the consent of the governed.  

Most Americans are an amiable bunch – they have no problems with much of what seems to go on – but piling on by the Political Class to take control of American life in general has exceeded that very broad tolerance of what is allowable – far exceeded!  Our American exceptionalism begins with Individual Freedom – our tolerance trip-wire has now been sprung.

And the Progressives (who make up the majority of the Political Class simply because they believe that only Government can solve other than the littlest trivial problems) just can’t seem to understand why people get upset even as the Progressives keep saying "but we are doing this, and giving you these, just for you!".  It’s simple – what you give has strings attached – we resent that, for that is no gift at all.

And for all of the Class Envy and Class Warfare they spread, many are upset that OUR freedoms are being taken away just so that Progressives can "give" more to others.   Most of us believe that our Rights and our Freedom come from God – not from Government facilitated by the Progressive takeover (thus another reason why the resentment keeps growing).

One reason why?  Progressives just don’t "get" how far Left they really are, and how condescending they come across in political life.  I’m conservative – quite conservative – and easily admit it.  They, on the other hand, see themselves as centrist, and therefore don’t understand the backlash.

Good – keep acting that way – PLEASE!