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A ‘Grok Endorsement – Frank Guinta for US Congress, Congressional District 1

TEAM Guinta:

Frank Guinta  Team Guinta

As I said in the ‘Grok endorsement for Ovide Lamontagne (US Senate):

Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.  – Pericles (430 B.C.)

Again: "Indeed – Elections matter."  The Founders birthed a Republic based on the Rule of Law as opposed to the Rule of Men.  Their study and their faith gave rise to the fundamental truth of American Exceptionalism – that our Rights are inalienable and are a gift from our Creator and should not be viewed as given by Men (and therefore, able to be taken away by Men).  Each man being equal under the Law, their success is based on time, talent, and motivation versus political connections.  Rejecting all other forms of government, their wisdom was that it was the concept of Individual Liberty and Freedom were the keys to this nascent nation’s success – and its citizens.  They realized that tyranny was not just imposed upon a people merely by conquerors but by their fellow countrymen in deciding for them what was best for them and thus left us a blueprint for a Limited Government – the Constitution. 

We have strayed far afield from that ideal.  One hundred years after our founding, Progressive decided that European ideals and philosophies were superior to those of Framers of the Constitution and have been undermining it ever since in their persistent efforts to turn us from being America and into a second rate version of Europe.  As I said in the endorsement for Ovide:

This time in our lives, this time in our country’s history, we are confronted with an enormous decision – what is our country is going to be like and what kind of country will we hand to our children.  Will it follow the model laid down by the Founding Fathers that realized that the true essence of Liberty was a self-responsible citizenry coupled with a limited government?  Or will we choose to give up that Gift of Liberty by outsourcing our responsibilities to an ever increasing, Obama & Progressive philosophy of Government that  makes and enforces decisions for us?

This is still the questions that must be answered by the American Politic and it will be during this election.  However, what is different this election cycle is this:

Gadsden Flag
The TEA Party

The TEA Party – ordinary people with Freedom bred into their DNA, have finally recognized what Obama and the Progressives (represented here in NH by those that inhabit Blue Hampshire) are all about: Socialism by incrementalism.  They have realized that by doing nothing, we all will lose the legacy forged by the blood of Patriots over the centuries and that their children and grandchildren will be much the poorer for it.  They are now standing up to the Nanny State and those that seek to increase its power rather than standing up for the individual right to decide for themselves what is right and correct, those that have no compunction of taking from some to give to others simply because it pleases them to do so for the socialist notion of "social justice" rather than respecting the Right of Private Property and abridging it only so far as to fund limited government.

And Frank Guinta stands with them

And thus,  the ‘Grok stands with Frank.  With all those running in CD-1, it is my opinion that Frank is the best candidate that currently best represents that TEA Party ideal.  He has been at the events, big and small, and has lent his moral support to this movement of reviving our roots of limited taxation, of limited government, and allowing / demanding that the individual to be self-responsible and be set above Government vs being ruled by Government.  His actions matches his words – one cannot ask for better.

He, as a former NH House Representative, former Manchester alderman, and most recently as Mayor of the State’s largest city, has the political chops and history to show that he can stand up in facing political odds that might cause others to "go along to get along".  He has shown that what he has promised, he has fought to deliver – and hasn’t taken the easy way out of "too much opposition".  He has made the case that conservatism can work – and then showed from a policy standpoint that they have.

In short – he has put his money and his reputation where his mouth and heart is.  Simply, he is a workaday type person who succeeds by hard work and grit – and giving credit to others for his success.

Is he as conservative as I or the ‘Grok?  No, but to be fair, I know very few that are – and even though I’d bet that I would not approve of all of his votes over his history if confronted with each one on its own, putting them all together into an entire context does.  Certainly, I can think of other folks that I generally support that also may not have voted with my views in mind on various issues and for various reasons as well:

  • early political inexperience ("yeah, I screwed up")
  • badly worded bills or just plain bad bills
  • sometimes, a "political" vote (and there had better be very damned few of those!)
  • bills that had gotchas in them that would have been contrary to conservative values that were worse than the original intent of the bills).

No one is perfect and no one is hardly ever going to meet ALL of my expectations and demands.  While I review everyone with a jaundiced eye via the viewing lens of my philosophy, I also realize that alongside that philosophical accounting, there must also be a sense of "the electable"; being for someone that absolutely matches me but has no chance in winning an election serves neither them or me. Thus, it is a multi-dimensional analysis that has led me to this decision that has incorporated issues from being both a fiscal and a social conservative (e.g., the fiscal conservatism and a sense of wanting to be governed by Constitutional values of the TEA Party and the culture war values of an Evangelical such as the life of the unborn and traditional NH values).

Thus, in summary, I ask for your vote and support for Frank Guinta in the Republican Primary to become the Republican nominee to put Carol Shea-Porter into the Obama unemployment line.  While he probably will not win the "money" race against those that can self-fund and raise extraordinary monies from out of state, he can and is winning the grassroots race right here in NH with NH citizens – and I am proud to be one of those folks.