The "Story of Stuff" Debunked - part 1 - Granite Grok

The “Story of Stuff” Debunked – part 1

A while ago, I became aware of a video that has been making it into the school systems called "The Story of Stuff".  Made by a former Greenpeace staffer, think of it as "An Inconvenient Truth" against capitalism.  I watched it and thought – there’s absolutely no way that this would be shown – there were just too many things wrong with it factually to think that teachers would actually bring it into their classrooms…

I was wrong.

It has been a runaway hit with the K-12 Teacher class – and a young dude by the name of Lee Doran who decided to make it his mission to confront the lies and mistruths in it via a four part series.  Here’s Part 1: