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Quick take – No sir, it is YOUR attitude that is greedy!

One of these days I’m going to talk about tax cuts – and whose money is it really? 

See if you can spot the real greed in the Letter to the Editor below:

Bradley’s opposition to taxing rich shows greed

March 1 — To the Editor:

I recently heard former Republican Congressman Jeb Bradley on conservative activist Jeff Chidester’s talk show complaining about an Obama tax increase on incomes over $250,000 and how that would be bad, destructive even, for small businesses, the engine of job growth in America and particularly New Hampshire.

This dialogue is a good example of misleading neocon rhetoric flooding us lately.

Their launch point is that Obama’s plan would raise income taxes on individuals earning more than a quarter of a million dollars by 5 percent. How bad is that? The Census (2008) estimates that 4.5 percent of New Hampshire households enjoy more than $200,000 (gross income, not net taxable) and 12.5 percent earn less than $25,000.

Bradley complained that lowering the net take-home of fewer than one of 25 would curtail job creation. He opposed raising the minimum wage for the same reason.

When I think of small businesses, I think of the market down the street, the coffee shop around the corner. Proprietors hide it well if they get $250,000 clear annually.

Still, 95 percent of all New Hampshire households would pay no more at all while one in 10 would gain better access to health care. Why begrudge that improvement?

If we are a society based on Christian principles as neocons often bark, remember that the corporal works of mercy include caring for the sick, not caring about the rich.

Not to worry. Neocons like Bradley will never abandon those in greed.

Robert E. Padian

Progressives and those that just want to feel good about themselves complain about the inequities of life want to feel like they are helping.  They complain that the rich are greedy.

Question: how GREEDY are people like Mr. Padian, who seemingly have no compunction about taking the hard earned money earned by others to just give to others?  Or is it just an overblown sense of entitlement that they should have possession of what isn’t theirs, what they haven’t earned, just because their cause, their notion of what is a "higher" use, outweighs the intended use of those that actually earned it?

Hubris, anyone? Sense of entitlement?

Dismiss, for the moment, the cause or the perceived righteousness of the intent (for who amongst us does not wish to help?).  And no, I believe that taxes should be paid for needs of a limited government, so don’t go with that tripe that I want to keep it all to myself.

No, how GREEDY are the spirits of those that think "it doesn’t matter how hard that other person has worked for their money; they CERTAINLY do not need it as much as the need that *I* see is a better use for it".

GREED is the envy for what others posses.  And that is the sick, dirty little secret of Progressivism / socialism – for there is never an end for the use, by these people, for the wants of others.

A truer morality would be to use gentle persuasion to have those that posses much to voluntarily give to your cause.  But castigating or denigrating those that have other causes than yours, or simply because they have out-earned you?  That merely engenders an attitude in folks that demand the fruits of the labors of others (like Mr. Padian has just done) of bitterness and resentment. 

To Progressives, there is always the mentality that the end justifies the means…especially if it is your means for their ends…

And that is the REAL greed.