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Oh yeah, an add-on the the “puppy post”

I plumb forgot about this at the time of my "puppy" post where the Dems here in NH are trying to smea the TEA Party (Ah-gain.  Guess they see us as a bigger threat than the NH GOP?  Heh!)

Strolling around at NH Watchdog, Grant had posted the write up of a very recent poll that was done by the Sam Adams Alliance based in Chicago (full disclosure: I am a part of the original blogger group).  Remember I said this in my post: "It seems to be a nationally organized effort"?  Well, in that report is this snippet:

Doubts remain about the group’s ability to turn grassroots protesting into political reality. Raven Brooks should know, he has helped to do that for the Democratic Party’s progressive base.

A Democrat operative – strike one!  Next, a curve?

“I feel like (the Tea Party) is an expression of emotion — it is not people fundamentally interested in organizing, they are just going along for the ride,” he said. “If they were interested in organizing then I think we would see them innovating in spaces online and winning some local races.”

Right, let’s first make them look just like, well, sheep!  Or just not serious enough to be taken serious – it speaks to motive, dontcha know!  What, does he expect Conservatives to act like, er, Progressives?  Ha!  Next, fast ball to the inside corner:

Brooks is the Executive Director of Netroots Nation, a group which brought together progressive activists from Daily Kos, an online political powerhouse for Democrats, and other grassroots organizers to take activism to the next level.

Brooks a partisan – say it ain’t so!   Steeped in Progressive (re: Collective groupthink and BIG Government) theory and lifestyle.  Changeup!

The group’s annual conference has attracted mainstream acceptance from Democratic leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and even President Barack Obama.

This next one is a gem – slow pitch pitch, landing in the dirt

The Tea Party, meanwhile, has experienced some setbacks among mainstream Republicans.

Well, duh!  Anyone who has been on the ‘Grok long and come to TEA Party events KNOW that Republicans who have acted, spoken, and voted like Democrats and have otherwise been in stages of "acting unbecoming" of a serious steward of Constitutional ideals has been the cross-hairs of our ire.  What a maroon for trying a bank shot for a trifecta (hmmm, think I gotta chill on the metaphors here).

Party leaders have most recently denounced a group of protesters for reportedly hurling racial epithets at black members of congress before the healthcare vote on Sunday.

Throw the race card with NO back up – insinuation attack at its flattest. But do you see the similarities between Brooks in Chicago and (Buckles, Sullivan, Rice-Hawkins, and Warner) in NH?

Gee, I smell another smear coming near!  Spitball, head high, right between the eyes:

Brooks said race has been a part of the group.

“The Tea Party thing definitely has tinges of racism in it along with anti-government thought,” he said.

He did not disappoint – that clever guy, him!

There you go, from Chicago, IL (hmmm, not going there tonite) to DC to Concord, NH – such a number of uncoordinated utterances, eh?

Anti-Government?  Methinks he forgot the operative word (the same one all these Progressive chuckleheads forget): anti-BIG-Government.

There, are we clear now?