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A ‘Grok Endorsement – Jim Forsythe for NH Senate District 4

Jim Forsythe for NH Senate

Yes, while the ‘Grok has already given out an endorsement in this political season – in Michigan (to Dr. Dan Benishek), this will be the first endorsement in the races here in NH: for the State Senate.  Our first selection is in NH Senate is for District 4 (my district) that consists of the following towns:  Alton, Barnstead, Belmont, Gilford, Gilmanton, Laconia, New Durham, Strafford and Tilton.  That person is:

Jim Forsythe

Jim Forsythe

He has shown us at the ‘Grok that he is the person to back in this contest!  YES, his opponent in the Republican primary, George Hurt, is a good and honest man who brings much to the table – practical business experience as well as prior legislative experience (I recorded his talk to the Belknap County Republicans here). And if he were to prevail in the primary, we will support him as vigorously as we will for Jim (who also spoke to the Belknap County Republicans here; the subsequent Q&A for both and Rich Ashooh is here).

However, we do believe that Jim is the right person at the right time: He is a former Air Force pilot, earned his MA and Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering (yup, an actual rocket scientist!), and a small business owner / partner.  He has the academic chops to show that he can learn new topics quickly and expertly and the real world experience shows him as someone who had to meet a payroll (something that is needed, I believe, in any politician) and to adapt to changing business environments.

The item that we believe, however, that gives Jim the edge is his political background and knowledge and in his expression of a conservative philosophy that holds Liberty and Freedom of the individual to trump that of an ever more overreaching Government.  Having spent time in the former Soviet Union, he has first hand experience in seeing what happens to the people living under a government that rules its people from what is, effectively, a Progressive standpoint on steroids (for Progressivism is nothing more than a slow roll socialism).  He saw that psychological weight on individuals that did not possess the choices offered by individual freedom, as Soviet Government decided that it knew what was best for its people in striving for an Worker’s Utopia. 

No, we are not to that level yet.  However, the Progressive Democrats have demonstrated at both the national and state levels, that they believe that Government knows better how to make better decisions for the rest of us than the people themselves – a great example of that is the now tabled "Maggiecare" that Kathy Sgambati supported. 

He has the historical background and the philosophical underpinnings to understand this danger of the simplistic "we have to do things for people" and can bring the rhetorical firepower to the NH Senate so as to convince others of the power of self-reliance that a limited government offers to the public. 

I had the chance to record his campaign kickoff event (Part 1 starting here).

The TRUE person in our crosshairs is Kathy Sgambati who has done more to muddle the picture between the Counties and the State, to give rise to more acrimony than I can remember between the two levels of government and who was responsible for what, needs to be defeated by all means possible. After all – she continues to mouth the Progressive "redistribution of YOUR wealth mantra (taken from Jim’s website) – along with Jim’s consise analysis:

Sen Sgambati, in a February commentary disputed the notion that “we do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.” … I think she has this completely backward, and I firmly believe that this question will be the central issue of the 2010 election across this nation, and in New Hampshire.


Sgambati: "you got it?  We’re taking it to give to someone else…"

Jim: Not so fast – it belongs to those that have actually earned it – and not the politicians.

Beware of Greedy politicians that continually believe (and then act) that they own what you earn.

The ‘Grok does indeed endorse Jim Forsythe for NH Senate District 4

You can contribute to his campaign here.