More on what Steve said; Democrats giving NH up to the Feds - Granite Grok

More on what Steve said; Democrats giving NH up to the Feds

My question to our NH Democrat State Representatives (email the committee here) is the following:

If we are governed by both the US and NH Constitutions, why are you merely giving them lip service?

Cartoon by Michael Ramirez; (H/T: Powerline)

John over at Powerline add this commentary:

Entitlements–Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, the creation of "rights" without limits–are the worst idea that Congress ever came up with. Worse than the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Worse than the Smoot-Hawley tariff. Worse, even, than the NIRA. Pretty much everyone understands that entitlements are destroying the federal budget and will soon lead to the collapse of the dollar and perhaps the end of our republic. Still, hardly anyone seems willing to do anything serious to stop the runaway train. Or, in Ramirez’s version, car.

And Steve in his Constitutional Gut Check does bring up the remedy for most of this: stay within the bounds that were set down at the beginning.  The basic problem is the politicians that hold the keys to the Treasury are either failures when it comes to the core parts of how America came to be and was structured, or don’t care because of ideology.  It is compounded by those special interests that go begging for that money and those within government have conflated the proper role of government with charity because of their Progressive agenda.  They have lost sight of the basic function of Government – the protection of Rights vs. the non-existent Right to be given every one of life’s necessities.

That is, if they were to actually adhere to the solution.  But I digress.

Here in NH, towns and cities are political subdivisions of the State which means that the State, via its RSAs, have complete control and authority over what can or can be done within the towns.  In other words, it owns the framework by which the towns and cities operate.  Ditto for the Counties.

Both Steve and Dan, however, are correct in stating that the States (of which we are one of the 50 and not of the 57, as Obama infamously stated on the campaign trail) which are sovereign.  Yes, the entity known as the United States (aka, the Feds) is also sovereign amongst all nations, but back when the Constitution was being constructed, it was a very bitter time in determining the balance of power between the States and the nascent US of A.  In fact, if you remember back to your history lessions, they failed badly the first time as the central Government was too weak and was unable to much at all – to the detriment of the States at the time.  Thus, a reset was done (as it were) and more power was given.

Unfortunately, with the rise of the Progressive era,

Sidenote: hey, never miss the chance to create a crisis with Progressives; ask them about their roots: "what was just so utterly spectacular about Germany’s Bismark (and I’m not talking about the battleship)"?  Then you can really see if they have a clue what they are talking about.

it was all about bigger government BECAUSE they know that individual are unable to make rational decisions for themselves.  Instead, we all need the guiding hand of government pretty much all the time. For that to happen, government must grow in order to do that. 

Thus, part of the Progressive agenda is to ALWAYS concentrate power; from the individual to the State (in the general sense and not just the State of NH).  This means, essentially, always moving the locus of power always up the chain…from local to County, from County to State, and from the State to the Feds.

Which brings us to our State chuckleheads that Steve wrote about…

Steve asks the operative question:

Are they for state sovereignty, or federal control?

Slowly over the last few decades, it HAS become evident that the Feds, more and more, have taken control over those things that used to be solely in the States’ domain.  What is worse is that our tax money is used by the Feds to "bribe" the State level politians to basically kowtow to the Feds desire to tell the States what to do.  It is my opinion that 17th Amendment, whereby Senators were to be elected by the popular vote instead of by the State legislators, was the start of this problem (and indeed, it is a problem).  At that point, Senators were no longer accountable to those that put them into power – those that had to take care of their States.  Instead, they have become ever entangled by special interests (albeit, with higher price tags and service terms than the House brand).

We can all thank Obama for the Change that no one believes in but are earnest in rebelling against.  Starting with the TEA Parties and now with more and more of an emphasis on the long gathering dust philosophy, Articles, and Amendments.  

And we certainly thank Dan Itse and those that are trying to fight for the State of NH against an ever encroaching Federal Government that, because of the Progressive philosophy that very much parallels that of Socialism vs that of the Founders, DOES wish to make the States nothing more than subdivisions of Washington.  Instead of how it is supposed to be. 

Anyways, back to the chuckleheads.  From the NH.GOV site, here are the Democrats that :

House State-Federal Relations and Veteran Affairs

Secretary: Dianna Maffucci Phone: 271-3554
Researcher: Ann FitzGerald Location: RM 203 LOB
Committee Members: Email Committee Members
Chairman: Patrick Garrity(d) Bills Currently in Committee
V. Chairman: Robert Cushing(d) Bills Originally Referred to Committee
Clerk: Sarah Hutz(d) Mailing list of Committee Members
*** Listen to Committee Hearings! ***
Baldwin Domingo (d) Kris Roberts (d) Robert Haley (d)
Cynthia Sweeney (d) George Katsiantonis (d) Alexis Chininis (d)
Valerie Hardy (d) Thomas Katsiantonis (d) Alfred Baldasaro (r)
James Twombly (r) Anne Priestley (r) Lars Christiansen (r)
Frank Emiro (r) Dennis Fields (r) Leo Pepino (r)
Todd Smith (r)

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My plan: ask them each and every Democrat why they voted the way they did?  The operative question is:

If we are governed by both the US and NH Constitutions, why are you merely giving them lip service?

Your plan should be to do so as well.