The Progressives want to give everyone everything - but where's the money going to come from? - Granite Grok

The Progressives want to give everyone everything – but where’s the money going to come from?

This is a startling chart (NewsBusters); what is driving this?

Demographics, baby, along with an entitlement mentality of the Progressives.  They believe that society can be solely defined by making the Haves into Have Nots (e.g., the redistribution of wealth).  Why? 

They believe that their vision for society (a variation on a Gnostic belief) is that the Kingdom of Heaven can be had here on Earth (in fact, only on Earth as there is no Heaven or afterlife) and now that they own all the levers of power in this country, they’re implementing it regardless of the Founders vision for this country (which, pretty much, they sneer at – starting with Woodrow Wilson, to Teddy R, onward to FDR, and now Obama. I’m willing to philosophical debate the underlying premise (Their belief that Heaven here on earth stems back to the German school of thought from in the 1880s), but there’s a big problem that the Liberal / Progressives won’t acknowledge – Heaven on Earth ain’t cheap.

In fact,  between their policies, and the run-of-the-mill unprogressive-but-pandering politicians eager to give people other peoples’ money to buy votes, this is pretty much unsustainable.

Get that?  While the popular Liberal mantra is "sustainability", this "gimme" cannot long last and still have a viable (not even to the level of vibrant) economy.

You know what this chart DOESN’T show?  Public pension liabilities – add yet ANOTHER $2 Trillion to the mix.  Add in the $100+ Trillion in unfunded mandates for SS & Medicare for the continued retirement of the Boomers.

And yet, folks like Dean over at BH

…never care about the cost, just the "gimme".  Sorry, they’re a brick short of a decent view of the oncoming train wreck that they have advocated and demogoged for.  

Note to clueless: coerced compassion without the buck to pay for it is no compassion at all.  The people that you say you are looking out for will be the one hurt the most.  And you will be to blame, not Conservatives who have all said "STOP – this is inSANITY!" (and no, the wrong committed by Republicans and Bush – hardly conservatives – is not going to be corrected by the 5 X larger stupidity of Obama and you folks).

You want to know just ONE of the reasons why healthcare costs so much?  This:

Out Of Pocket Health Costs

When the individual consumer is never responsible for the actual purchase price, markets don’t work; price / cost signals go out of whack due to 3rd or 4th party payments.  Notice the timing – as public funds became more important (and personal payments much less), costs have skyrocketed.

Folks like Dean complain about the healthcare insurance companies as being uncaring?  I’ve fought Medicare on behalf of my step-Dad; I can always get another insurance company (change jobs, pay for it myself, and advocate for a change of laws so that REAL market competition restraints by the Feds and the States are dropped).

Face it – if my car insurance paid for my gas, oil changes, and the like – I wouldn’t care what their pricing structure was like.  But I certainly would have a much higher premium, wouldn’t I?  I would have isolated myself from day to day price swings (yes, insurance is a bit like "hedging") but the insurance company will make sure that we pay for its risk.

Universal Healthcare – who takes the risk?  Yeah, the same folks that are paying for the abominable deficit ridden programs that Obama and crew – taxpayers.

Question for Dean and other Progressives: What do California, New Jersey, and New York all have in common?  A Progressive income tax that screws over the highest income taxpayers. What has happened to those States as that group (in each state) has "gone Galt?".  Yeah, bad news, bad times, and bad finances.

Which is EXACTLY what the Progressives won’t accept and want more of, especially at the Federal level.   And we’ll end up just the same…

Think these chuckleheads are going to figure out the import of this chart?

Wealth VS Govt Payrolls

Hint: this, too, is unsustainable – Progressives keep missing the fact that it is the private sector that supports the public sector – keep on abusing it with overtaxation and over regulation (under, of course, the guise of "helping the oppressed" and you’ll only oppress everyone.

We may be closer that tipping point than we ever have been before. Why?  This:



Revenues are down and there is pretty much no way that they will catch up this year.  It’s time to ratchet down the size of gubmint and you don’t see the MSM talking about this either…