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Citizen’s Leadership of New Hampshire: Constitution series – Part 1 with Dan Itse

As I posted here, I was invited to the Citizen’s Leadership of New Hampshire ongoing series of talks given by prominent folks.  This past Friday’s event was given by Dan Itse, member of the NH House of Representatives.  An engineer by trade (and philosopher by training and avocation), he talked without notes concerning the history of early NH and some of the "hows" and "whatfor’s" in how the NH and US Constitutions were created.  More importantly, he brought out the mantra that "words mean things" – and often, very SPECIFIC things.

Below is Part 1 of the Honorable Dan Itse’s talk on the NH (and US) Constitution:

All in all, it was a very serious evening in which many, if not most, of us learned how far our legislators and the bills they either have passed or are attempting to pass, have removed themselves from the original intent of the Constitution.  Simply by reading the exact words and clauses in it, and comparing that to the actions taken by them, one can see that there is a serious disconnect.  It certainly was a contrast of "legislators wishing to do things" vs the Constitution saying "and this is what you are allowed to do – and why". 

And often, the two do not meet, and what the Democrat are now doing in Concord and DC has made that contrast a very stark one – even to the general public whose knowledge of actual civics has been greatly eroded by our educational system .  After contemplating what was said and listening to the video again, it is very easy to see how far we have trod on the path of Government "doing things for the people" (the Progressive’s ultimate goal of providing for everything – and why Progressives like Kathy Sullivan fight so hard to denigrate Conservatives that bring up Constitutional philosophy) vs the simple admonition of the protection of individual rights (the original intent).

And yes, a good portion of why I attended was Kathy Sullivan’s rant against Dan being on Rush’s show was to see

"how out of touch" his ideas were regarding the Constitution.  After listen for almost 2 hours with only the Constitution in hand (no notes) and speaking extemporaneously, I’m convinced that if the two were to debate (Elaine – idea for you!), that she would not be the victor.

Dan has proven himself to be a VERY serious student of the Constitution, the history and philosophy  of the times in which is was drawn up, and the ramifications of what has been wrought by ignoring these documents that were drawn up by some of the finest political and philosophical minds that the world has ever seen.

But will she listen?

As Dan intimated: if the Constitution is not adhered to, there is NO limit to what Government is then allowed to do.

 Dems sinking the Constitution

Please note:  I was not able to capture all of Dan’s presentation – notably, I was not able to capture the lively Q & A afterwards – Dan spoke for FAR longer than I thought and I ran out of room on my little Flip Cam.  Guess I’m going to have to try to persuade TMEW that I need another video camera….

Again, my thanks to Elaine for the invite for a very interesting night. Being a member of the NH TEA Party Coalition, I realize that current legislative actions have strayed far from their Constitutional roots – I got schooled well in just HOW far we have strayed. The populism of the TEA Party movement certainly has the right to be upset in how far the Progressive movement has pulled the attention away from limited government and thus, eroding our liberties. They have a reason to be angry as Progressives continue to turn the Founders vision of government from the bottom up to one where the “intellectual elites” determine how best society should be run. After all, like Kathy Sullivan keeps telling us, they know better then we what is best for us!