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A more apt definition of Political Correctness

Updated and bumped:   Political Correctness really is:

"Better screwed than rude"

Translation – Political Correctness forces some to treat that that are believed to be nice; the reality is that they are getting ready to hurt or kill you.  It is self-deception at a societal level and basically states "we will allow you to kill us just as long as you are not offended by us".

Gee, sounds like mass suicide to me….

(H/T: NRO)


Political Correctness really is:

Purposeful Disingenuousness and Misleadingness.

The basic underlying problem is this:

  • Protect the victim classes
  • Do not offend anyone (unless of course, you’re a Liberal and I’m a Conservative)

A large part of this is the identity politics played to a T by the Progressives – we’ve had 40 years of divide and conquer so that everyone is a hyphen American, and everything is the fault of the taxPAYing white middle class Bible-believing, gun-toting, American male.

"Go Galt" anyone?  Or time to "go postal" verbally on anyone that tries that on you?

(H/T: NRO)