Want to really know what is driving the TEA Party movement? - Granite Grok

Want to really know what is driving the TEA Party movement?

If you want to hear from a regular person, why the TEA Party movement is organic and NOT Astroturf, this is about as good as it gets.  I found it at NewsBusters "Leah from Manchester, NH":

For me, it is NOT about Obama – it IS about staying true to the actual philosophy of the Founding Fathers as they crafted the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  It is NOT about race – Obama could be purple with green polka dots and I’d still oppose him.

I am still waiting for someone to tell me how Socialism or Fascism is congruent with the Constitution.  The first two are about control by the State; the Constitution is about control by the Individual.

Confused?  Not me.

And not the TEA Party movement members

And not Obama and the Democrat Leaders, else why would they be trying to outrace NASCAR to their finish line in the speed to pass these bills?

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LEAH IN MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Hi, yeah, I just wanted to clarify a few things about these "manufactured, angered crowds." I’ve never been politically active in my life. I’ve never done anything like go to a protest ever. I started going to protests, these Tea Parties back on the Fourth of July, and the reason that you’re seeing the numbers grow and swell and become bigger and bigger is not only because of the healthcare legislation, but like you said earlier, all these massive bills, thousands of pages long that are passed with almost no debate, no time for us to see what’s in it, in direct controvertion (sp) of what was promised about transparency and a near era and we’re going to know what we’re doing in advance. I see, I see politicians admit on TV that they can’t read it, that they can’t understand it because of its complexity. Lawyers who are writing these bills say they need lawyers to tell them what’s in the bill.

Now, when I watch the news people stand here and tell me that I am a member of a hired mob, that I’ve been called up by the Republican Party, they only wish they could have done something like this. I’ve never been contacted by any organized group. This is an organic movement, and when people stand there, and lie to me about what I know is going on, how can I trust them when they tell me it’s going to save money when the Congressional Budget Office says it isn’t? That it’s going to cover everybody when the Congressional Budget Office says it isn’t? That it’s going to let me keep my, my healthcare when common sense tells you that’s not what’s going to be the end result of this when the government ends up providing all the healthcare which the man who wrote the bill in the beginning says. Go watch it, Jacob Hacker who wrote this says that in time, and President Obama said it, we will all be swallowed up in this government plan.

When people lie to us, we don’t trust them when they give us platitudes about what’s in the bill.

ROB HARRELL, C-SPAN "WASHINGTON JOURNAL" HOST: Leah, are you planning to, are there any town halls planned in your area, in your neck of the woods?

LEAH: No, my, my Congressmen are afraid. Now they won’t even come out and meet us face-to-face. They want to do some phony telephone thing so that we can’t judge their facial expressions. We can’t say with a follow-up question, "I’m sorry, that didn’t answer my question. Could you please?" You know, yes people are getting angry. That doesn’t mean it’s fake. That means it’s real. And by the way, about the caller who says it’s all racial, the only person I’ve seen that’s been attacked, physically attacked, is a black man who was attacked by SEIU, and he says they were black. So, I’m getting tired of the race card. I’m getting tired of the lies. I’m getting tired of the media not telling us what’s in these bills but giving us a bunch of "Republicans says this, Democrats say that." I don’t care.