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Government Universal Healthcare – Liberal Statists are missing the point

When it all comes down to it, NONE of this about solving the healthcare crisis – it is ALL about who is going to be in control of it?

There are three camps:

  • Group A: The Progressive/Liberal/Statists that believe that Government should be in control
  • Group B: Rent-seeking corporations seeking to cash in by using government regulations and laws to distort the marketplace to aid them and hurt the competition
  • Group Freedom: Me (and people like me) – get government out of the picture as much as possible.

There is something seriously and sorely missing in any and all of the arguments and discussion related to the "latest crisis du jour" – that of individual freedom (this would include Group Freedom).  I have yet to hear anyone from Groups A or B that is on the side of imposing (and yes, that is the correct word a mandatory program) tell anyone how the massive regulations and mandates that are coming from a 1,000 plus page document can do so, especially if it is going to FORCE me to have insurance or pay a fine?

My question is this – in ostensibly a free country, how will this enhance individual freedom by allowing government to control it?  How will the fact that Government controlling the choices that I can make be considered enhancing my freedom of choice.  After all, restricting choice is a lessening of freedom.

Now, many will say "Skip, lots of people have no choice because they lack the money – how is that freedom?"   Sorry to tell you, but that is irrelevant.  Many may say that is a cold-hearted outlook but that is a symptom Liberals believing that unless all contraints to choice and responsibility are mitigated by others, freedom is not present.

Sure, the money aspects are coming out $1 to $3 Trillion over the next 10 years – additional!  This will hit the bottom line of the deficit and make it worse.  Here’s some of the stats:

  • $1 Trillion plus over the next 10 years OVER AND ABOVE the current healthcare costs (and how can Obama say it will cut our costs with a straight face – unless Universal Healthcare is not his ultimate aim?).
  • Much higher taxes:
  • Letting the Bush tax cuts expire
  • Families earning $350K will be hit with a 1% additional surtax
  • Families earning $500K will be hit with an additional 1.5% surtax
  • Families earning $1 million will be hit with an additional 5.4% surtax
  • In 2013, "bump-ups" of those rates by an additional 1% will happen if the desired "savings" do not materialize.
  • Many will have their healthcare "allotments" cut – the elderly under Medicare and the poor under Medicaid will have less money at the Federal level (think $500 billion on the backs of the retired poor) – and I’m sure at the State level too (already happening here in NH).
  • Many workers will see their salaries cut – Obama already has been pushing for cuts in payments in the healthcare field via cuts in reimbursements to doctors, hospitals, and less to States for Medicaid.
  • Employers, often those already mentioned above that have their business set up as LLCs, partnerships, and other arrangements that pass through to the individual are going to be hit with more mandates to cover their
  • Individuals also face a "shared responsibility" fine  – 2.5% income tax fine via the IRS if one doesn’t have insurance.

Unlike many actual rights…

(e.g., my Right to Free Speech requires nothing on your part; my Right to freely assemble with others of like mind requires nothing of you; my Right to to practice my religion requires no participation by you).  However, it seems that to provide Universal Healthcare, which many Progressives believe is a Right even if not enumerated in the Constitution, many will be forced to give up some of their freedom to fund My Right (shades of FDR’s Second Bill of Rights that requires a house for me, a job for me, lots of stuff for me – and YOU get to fund it!).  In other words, my Right to Healthcare will impacts their private property. Lots of it.

It seems that, in carrying out an ideologically charged issue, the howitzer has been wheeled out to kill a frog.  In doing so, there will have to be a lot of straps to constrain "the aimee".

We are missing a fundamental part of the picture here: it is required that for a person to be free, they must be responsible for that freedom.  Freedom requires and depends on self-responsibility; Progressives believe that freedom only begins when there is no need for self-responsiblity.

Side note: another set of posts will discuss this notion that the self-responsibility is not needed for true freedom, that the responsibility for one’s freedom can be outsourced, is total ca-ca.

There’s also another part of freedom – on the part of those we choose to govern us – yes, they need to be responsible for doing their jobs.  Lately they seemingly have abdicate that responsibility by not reading the legislature presented before them that will affect us.  And we do nothing about it?

Honesty goes along with territory – if the members of Congress would do, as Congressman John Fleming M.D. is pushing them to do, join us in the same plan:

Under the current draft of the Democrat healthcare legislation, members of Congress are curiously exempt from the government-run health care option, keeping their existing health plans and services on Capitol Hill. If Members of Congress believe so strongly that government-run health care is the best solution for hard working American families, I think it only fitting that Americans see them lead the way. Public servants should always be accountable and responsible for what they are advocating, and I challenge the American people to demand this from their representatives.

If you agree with me, sign our online petition below and together we will work to ensure that any plan that is good enough is for American families is good enough for every member of Congress.

Bits and pieces are coming to light on this radical restructuring and none of it good.  This will radically change the relationship of citizens and their government.  The Founding Fathers saw that a large government would destroy the very freedoms for which they were willing to lay their lives. Only a very limited government would protect and enhance that freedom. 

Sadly, the Progressives, starting from the 1890s in Germany that influenced Woodrow Wilson and his protoge, FDR and to the Statists of today are repudiating that wisdom.  Sadly, it seems that while some of our deluded fellow citizens want more government in their lives (often confusing charity for justice), the social democracies in Europe are showing signs that the Founding Fathers were right – citizens are moving their nations to the Right instead of further journeying down the path of socialism.

We were born and have been a nation of citizens that had a government; it seems that soon, if this passes, we will pass over the Rubicon whereby our government will now have dependents.