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George Soros – a friend unto himself..


George Soros is a billionaire that has made his fortunate by manipulating currencies.  He has used quite a bit of that moolah in the US funding liberal causes.  Much of the money he spends goes into a few "front groups" (like his Open Society organization that advocates for anything but; he is a one world government type of guy).  These groups then push liberal policies that attack traditional American values and traditions. 

It takes a lot of money to effect national change – and changes that may not bode well for the majority of us.  There’s a new website called SorosWatch that will start watching and tracing his actions and money; they describe themselves and their mission this way:

Citizen Outreach supports free-market principles both in the United States and abroad.

The American billionaire George Soros has been amassing his fortune at the expense of foreign economies. Soros is widely known as the sly investor who broke the Bank of England in 1992; he has reaped billions of dollars by manipulating the currencies of developing nations, including Malaysia, Thailand, and, most recently, Hungary. As a result of these dubious dealings, his net worth totals more than most developing countries’ GDPs; still, he continues to reap financial rewards from their fragile banking systems.

The laundry list of his shady activities reads like a rap sheet. By discouraging foreign direct investment, engaging in insider trading, short-selling bank stocks, and speculating against foreign currency, George Soros has single-handedly arrested the economic growth of many developing countries.

When Soros and his investment fund aren’t directly attacking foreign capital markets, he’s recruiting NGOs to execute public misinformation campaigns against foreign investment in developing economies. In one instance, Soros along with a cabal of activists made a show of lobbying for aid to foreign governments. With the public distracted by Soros’ stunt, his investment fund stealthily focuses its efforts on bankrupting their financial markets.

Of course, one should be asking – is he pouring money into these liberal groups for ideological reasons or is it that he knows that their liberal policies will result in a weakened America and it currency, allowing him to add to his fortunate fortune.  Promoting ideology, or enriching George via "useful idiots"?