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Obama – it is clear that what he & his minions DON’T say is more important than what they DO say

Just before the election in November, it came out that Obama hates coal:

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted. 

Well, in his process of "transforming" America, he is out to demonize any form of fossil fuel – else, why would he send out his Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, to say this:

"We don’t believe it makes sense to significantly subsidize the production and use of sources of energy (like oil and gas) that are dramatically going to add to our climate change (problem). We don’t think that’s good economic policy and we think changing those incentives is good for the country," Geithner told the Senate Finance Committee at a hearing on the White House’s proposed budget for the 2010 spending year…

…"My view is that higher taxes on small and independent producers here in America will make us more dependent on imported oil and gas while we transition to cleaner energy alternatives, a goal we all share," said Cornyn. "And it will also hurt job retention and job creation in the energy sector, which provides an awful lot of jobs in this country.

Slowly, we see the philosophy of "I earned it" being turned into "what will the Government allow me to keep".  It isn’t bad enough that we have the highest corporate taxes in the world – let’s pile them on!

Mark my words – while Obama, in his role of the Magical President, is talking one thing about bringing back off-shored jobs by large American companies, his actions are such that the American companies will not stay American long.  Shades of 1984 – they will become the bogeymen to be blamed – and they will leave American shores to escape the anti-business environment he is creating.  The stock market as a "tracking poll" – is that ALL the concern that he gives about our savings?.

Site note: Speaking of which – you notice that Obama has not once blamed himself or Government for the screwups that are going on?  Good deal – attacking Rush. 

Watch my hands over here folks…..while my hands are REALLY over there doing something contrary to what you think I’m saying.

Sure, use the Alinsky Rules again and demonize Big Oil.  Problem is, you nitwit, that’s how the "little people" get to live free lives – heat their homes, cook their food, create their everyday products, drive their cars.  Once again, it is easy to see that Obama and crew are NOT wanting to stimulate the marketplace – any economic theory would say that burdening unneeded costs on society at a time of crisis is just nuts.

Climate Change has become a religion.  Combine that with the ability to warp the tax code to adjust / manipulate society’s behavior, and what do you get?  

Yup, control. Instead of freedom, which this country was founded on, we all will have to dance to the strings that Obama is attaching to us all. No, the tax code has not been just a means for raising funding for government for a good long time….it is all about control – morality played out in dollars.

When you look around and see the other areas where Obama is making changes and inserting more and more government control (healthcare, legislative changes, regulatory changes, finance, manufacturing, the relationship between unions & companies), it is all about 


The money side just makes it easier to establish such control (e.g., if everyone’s wealth is wiped out in the stock market, they will have to rely on Government.  If Regulations and Tax codes are changes "just so", who is going to pay higher and higher prices for their health insurance when competing government policies will always be JUST that much under priced?  Why pay for family insurance when the Government will already cover your kids?)

You know, I really don’t blame Obama to the extent that he made it quite clear what he was going to do – all you had to do was to read his books to get the measure of him.  The real problem was, and continues to be, the Main Stream Press (e.g., NY Times, Time magazine, WaPo, LA Times, the broadcast networks) for NOT doing their jobs.  NOW, they’re just finding out about his judgement in picking people and learning what his intentions are? 

Even as they all go bankrupt and rub their hands in horror that their vaunted positions of ‘being journalists" have come into question.  It does seem that those that proclaimed to hold society accountable are they themselves being held accountable….and found wanting.