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Jeb Bradley – Supporters speak up

Recent ‘Grok contributor Bob Bestani (here, here, and here) likes the idea that Jeb Bradley will be running for the NH Senate seat in NH District 3 and submitted this Letter to the Editor [that would be us!] to the ‘Grok for publication:


Mark Twain was quoted as saying that “No Man’s Life Liberty or Property is Safe While the Legislature is in Session.” The House Democrats in Concord seem determined to prove him right. Having pledged not to raise taxes they immediately ran up a $500 million deficit. Now with the severe recession upon us they are determined to make things worse by raising taxes. In the last session of the House they passed no less than 23 fees and tax increases. Taxes were raised on everything from boat fees (HB205), the establishment of recreational saltwater fishing fees (HB481), attraction signs (HB 671), and a raise in gasoline taxes (HB644) even as Washington is poised to similarly raise gasoline taxes.

In this session, they have already passed eight more increases. Of course they could not stop there; having resolved that they would increase the tobacco tax (HB 608), could not help themselves and attached eleven more tax provisions to the core bill. The list of new tax targets seems endless: taxes on charitable gambling winnings, an increase in room and meals taxes, new fees on health facilities and community living facilities, a fee for review and permit reviews and inspections, motor vehicle inspect
ion and fees, subdivision fees, environmental services and subsurface programs, as well as several other filing fees.

Clearly they have been busy. But the clock seems to be running too fast for them, so they are now planning other sessions from March 24th through April 9th to consider 300 separate pieces of legislation – many with new spending and tax implications. The good news is that they are planning to take April Fools day off. Still, never let it be said they have not been working hard.

America’s form of government assumes that the citizenry are vigilant when their property and liberty’s are under attack. Let’s hope so! If they are, they will elect true fiscal conservatives who will hold the line against such an onslaught. Jeb Bradley is currently running for the open State Senate seat in Senate District 3. Let’s hope he wins! Silence and inaction in the face of this onslaught will surely be seen as consent for more of the same in the future. 

The ‘Grok supported Jeb in both the Primary and the General election in his effort to unseat Carol Shea-Porter back in November.  Now, in this special election, as Doug has stated, we are supporting him again!